Vsi. Svoi Holds the 100th Anniversary Market in Kyiv

Clothes presented by Vsi. Svoi

Throughout its existence, Vsi. Svoi project held 99 markets in Kyiv and beyond its borders to introduce the guests to more than two thousand Ukrainian manufacturers. That's why, the 100th market, which will take place on October 27-28, is not just a market but a festival. The anniversary event will be special, because it will bring together manufacturers of all spheres on five floors.

The second floor of Vsi. Svoi will host home goods and decor brands, the first will be dedicated to ceramics, while food and beverages brands will occupy the -1 floor. Finally, clothes, shoes, accessories and kid's brands will be located on -3 and -2 floors.

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The brands will present all consistent best-sellers of the fair: a round bag from Zhanna UDLER, leather shoes from Karabadgak Shoes, a striped jumper with a heart from From US and others. Promin, OVA.l, Trempel, 7/11 Seven Eleven, Jenadin and other brands announced special collections dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Vsi. Svoi.

The gastronomy floor will be full of new products like Aperol-grapefruit macaarons from Royal Sweets confectionary or mozzarella smoked on beech from Domashnia Syrovarnia. Château Grona TM will present the first in Ukraine 'smart' wines, which can be activated with a smartphone and make toasts with the help of AR technology.

Guests will have a chance to buy the best-sellers from ceramics and decor floors like a dog lamp from GAFF DEsign Studio and basic plates from MannaCeramics.

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The festive market will also have many special offers. SIL' brand will give a a collection print reproduced on paper by hand printing for each UAH 2000 cheque or three purchased items. TRUMAN will offer discounts on Denim shirts for men. CTRL will give a hat for free to anyone who buys their down jacket, while Anna SUN will offer a UAH 100 discount for a “hat + scarf” set.

The home goods and decor sections will offer discounts as well: a beige blanket by OSHA, a wooden heart-shaped plate by WOODSTUFF.

The food court will traditionally be present on the market. Visitors will have a chance to enjoy three types of mulled wine, more than ten types of tea, as well as coffee from the Svoya Kava coffee shop. An array of snacks includes vegan ramen and healthy kombucha, chebureki with meat, cheese and tomatoes, sandwiches with salami, ham and smoked chicken, hot dogs and nuggets, pies and pancakes, Greek gyros and Japanese donuts.

When: October 27-28 (10 A.M. - 8 P.M.)
Where: Vsi. Svoi on 12, Desiatynna Street
Admission: free

Photos provided by Vsi. Svoi.

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