Ukrainian Kitchenware Brands

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Kitchen is the home heart, and it is essential to keep cozy and positive atmosphere there. To do so, we should pay attention to details: flowerpots, towels, curtains and, of course, kitchenware. Colorful plates, cups and pans are able to add new fresh notes to cooking and dining processes. So let`s check out Ukrainian brands that produce stylish kitchenware.


plates and cinnamon sticks
FERN brand has been making ceramic kitchenware since 2012. In the brand`s catalogue, you will find wide variety of cups, plates and crockery sets. Handmade items are decorated with elegant paintings and carvings. Masters of FERN brand especially love the marine theme. FERN offers lovely plates made as fishes and cups with bright pictures of waves and anchors.

Manna Ceramics

set of bright crockery
This company has been working on Ukrainian market for more than 10 years. The masters of Manna Ceramics use clay, certified German glaze and special pigments allowing production of crockery and décor elements of any color that are absolutely harmless for health. In the assortment of Manna Ceramics items, you will see crockery in Ukrainian style and many other interesting things: vases, clocks, chamotte bottles and so on.

Sycamore Store

3 wooden bowls
Sycamore Store (ex-Drevo) brand was founded by two friends – Vlad Gorbachov and Vitaliy Petrenko. The masters specialize on producing wooden spoons, forks, knives, shovels, plates and bowls. They use timber of fruit trees. Usually the production of a single item takes 4-5 days, but some pieces require a whole month.


three plates
MurMur brand offers modern signature crockery with unique design. All items are handmade and are produced using only natural materials. The masters of this brand accept any kind of individual orders. The assortment includes beautiful cups, plates and bowls.

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Pretty Plate

beautiful plates and cups
The online shop of this brand has a great collection of unusual and beautiful items. The special thing about all of them is the fact that every single item of the list is handmade. In the shop, you will find kitchenware and accessories made by more than 20 Ukrainian masters. The assortment includes dishes, sauceboats, cups, teapots, plates, as well as candlesticks and décor elements. Though Pretty Plate shop is based in Kyiv, the items can be delivered to every corner of Ukraine.

Pokutska Ceramics

yellow plate
Pokutska Ceramics items are made of white clay delivered from pit in Kolomyia. Each item is manually produced on a potter`s wheel. The masters use old tradition – they dip crockery in milk before burning. The main principles of Pokutska Ceramics workshop are functionality, environmental friendliness and ethnicity. The assortment of this brand includes unique dessert bowls, trays, jars, tureens, cups, plates and many other.

Ryaba Vosh

crockery with lovley paintings
Ryaba Vosh workshop sells not only handmade crockery with pretty paintings, but also plenty of interesting accessories: T-shirts, bags, jewelry, wallets and so on. As for kitchenware items of this brand, they are all unique and made in only one copy.


two cups
MOKH modern ceramics workshop was opened in 2016. Evgeniy Babeshko, the founder of this brand, says that all his works are inspired by the miracles of wild nature. Before burning items, the master dips them into milk, so that the clay absorbs milk and becomes brown. Evgeniy decorates his crockery with nature patterns using embossment technique.

Maistrenko Ceramics

beautiful crockery
Maistrenko Ceramics studio produces wide variety of ceramic items: crockery, décor elements, sculptures and vases. The masters of the brand, Oleksa and Olesia Maistrenko, make their items in limited series and sometimes even in a single copy. In their production, they use such materials as porcelain, chamotte, majolica.

Coocoo Store

plates and spoons
Iryna Zavgorodnya, the owner of Coocoo Store crockery shop, got interested in pottery back in 2014. Due to the fact that all items are handmade, a production of a single item takes pretty long time. The drying process needs 3-5 days, and then comes burning that requires around 24 hours. Coocoo Store plates, cups and candle holders are sold well not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.
Elegant crockery from Ukrainian brands will paint your kitchen routine in bright colors.
Photo source: websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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