10 Festive Outfits by Couture de Fleur

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At least once a year every woman really has a reason to dress up. But this does not mean that it is needed to put on sequins and rhinestones from head to foot. There are some luxury options by new Couture de Fleur collection, which will fit everyday style.

At the peak of the pre-New Year rush, every woman has plenty of reasons for a wiz. So we’ve put together outfits for all sorts of cases - from a corporate party to a stroll in the city to the Christmas market.

Family feast

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for family feastIf you buy a dress to put in on once a year on Christmas then something is wrong. The laconic monophonic Melody dress made of fine wool with a slightly pleated lower hem is just the option that will definitely stay in your basic wardrobe. The color is very warm, it is trendy “Almond Buff”.

You can add large jewelry to this outfit - colored with stones to make the image more elegant or minimalistic one in the Scandinavian style to keep a simple but sharp cut. Do not forget about plum or wine color of lipstick and enjoy the family feast.

Country party

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for a country partyIf you want to add chic, feel free to choose white color. It will make a lot of noise. A velvet Belle jacket with a delicate silk lining in a trendy shade of Tofu with its soft creamy undertone looks even tastier than it sounds. The highlight of this airy meringue is embroidery with Swarovski stones. The jacket is "equipped" with insulation, so you definitely will not freeze in a big house.

New Year show

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for a new year showJackets are a beautiful. They are appropriate everywhere: at corporate party, at a meeting with friends and they definitely can make office workdays brighter. In this jacket with the “Lilac” print the base color is Ultra Violet, a favorite one in 2018. Combine it with monochrome or complimentary orange, green, yellow. In winter these colors look especially luxurious, dramatic and avant-garde.

Corporate party

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for a corporate partyBunny culottes together with a wine blouse is a great option for a party with colleagues. This look is restrained but at the same time stylish thanks to a juicy print. It goes perfect with the ankle shoes like with these velvet loafers on the photo.


Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for clubOriginal prints on the fabric are the DNA of Couture de Fleur brand and on this “Sea” jacket they shine bright. A classic jacket looks no less solemn than a rich decor sometimes, especially in combination with rich colors. The image will enhance the silk dress or trousers, which bring a lot of femininity. A bright microbag will do its accent.


Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for a restaurantThe goose foot is a nostalgic motive from the freedom-loving decade and now it is more relevant than ever. This model of Brier wool with a variety of classic Scottish prints is special due to luxurious shades of heather.

The pattern itself is very bright and if you are not sure of your ability to mix prints, it is better to combine such a jacket with monophonic things. For example, with three-quarter trousers and a T-shirt of a rich shade of 2019 Sargasso Sea trends.

Trip to a warm country

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for a warm country tripItalian wool makes you feel comfortable with any weather. Such culottes just below the knee can be perfect for a stroll at 20 ° C or more. The arrows and the embedded satin strip on the sides of culottes create the correct silhouette. Add to this beauty a belt, a bag and a lipstick in tone and enjoy warm day at the seacoast.

Social event

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for social eventThe soft blue Marseilles trousers from Italian fabric will remind you about romance of Marseille summer, soft sea waves, cozy antique streets and rose wine at sunset. It is recommended to combine this outfit with bright shoes and accessories.

Travel to Europe

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for Europe tripEuropean winter does not require putting on a lot of warm wearing, so you can afford a wool coat for a walk at Christmas fairs and holiday sales. The main thing of this coat is a lining with a colorful auteur print.

Christmas square of the city

Girl dressed in Couture de Fleur for ChristmasIt is not for nothing that we suggest you to go out in this soft pink tulle skirt. You can wear warm tights underneath and still look elegant. Combine it with a plush coat and felt boots to create the image of the Snow Maiden. It is also good with an oversized coat and boots. Now you can light up fireworks, throw snowballs and open the bottle of champagne.

Prints by paintings of O. Onufriv
Photo: @aleksandra_bulgakova_
Model Lera Zayceva @lerazayceva
Boutique of Italian shoes and bags @milan_shoeshop
Cafe @frankie_capital_cafe

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