10 Instagram-worthy Cafes in Kyiv

10 Instagram-worthy Cafes in Kyiv

It’s no news that the way food looks is just as important and enjoyable as the taste itself. Throw in dining in a carefully created atmosphere and a simple meal becomes a memorable event in busy day-to-day life. Modern restaurant and café owners understand it well: Kyiv’s downtown is filled with fine dining spots with exquisite interior and delicious food. We chose top 10 spots for a perfect Instagram picture to share with friends.


The winter newcomer Hum:Hum located on Podil is a minimalist heaven — white tile, pastel pink and blue interior elements, lovely tableware and an abundance of plants lure in customers eager to take a brilliant Instagram pic. As the name hints, hummus and its many variations is the main shtick here. The trendy dish made of chickpea purée is offered in 6 options: pumpkin, beetroot, baked pepper, avocado and for children. Additional flavors like falafel, vegetable sticks or olives are recommended for each position, making not only interior but also the food worthy of a snap. Besides, wine and craft beer are offered at the bar.
Address: 13/34, Mezhyhirska Street
Milk Bar
This café on the busy Shota Rustaveli Street in the downtown often pops up in social networks thanks to its intricate seasonal outdoor decorations — on Halloween the porch is riddled with pumpkins and winter is met with a giant statue of a gingerbread man sitting on the bench. The interior has bright accents of turquoise, wooden tables and stylish geometric pattern tile. Moreover, any position on the menu from brunches and bowls to cakes and desserts is carefully prepared and incredibly photogenic.
Address: 16, Shota Rustaveli Street
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Мама, я дома / Mom, I’m home
Many Kyiv restaurants install a summer terrace, but only special places can boast of cozy inner yards. Мама, я дома restaurant located near the National Circus of Ukraine is easily reached by public transport and at the same time hidden away from the car emissions in the quiet corner. The inner yard hosts 10 wooden tables and an array of blue and burgundy cushioned chairs. The interior is a calm fusion of grey, white and black sprinkled with succulents in minimalistic geometrical vases. Mediterranean cuisine with the chef’s spin offers a chance to taste mussels in tomato sauce, grilled salmon and healthy salads.
Address: 62/20, Dmytrivska Street
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Select Eatery
The American diner spirit is strong in Select Eatery café near the Besarabsky Market: visitors are welcome to sit on the pastel couches near the window or at the open bar with a long row of metal chairs. Apart from the pastel color palette and various plants hanging on the ceiling and placed in the corners, Select Eatery boasts of the mid-century modern elements like rounded mirrors or sculptured armchairs. The shtick of the menu is a vast range of breakfast options from classical American pancakes and cheesecakes to granola and shakshuka. The bar offers place’s specials and long-lasting classics.
Address: 2A, Baseyna Street
One Love Espresso Bar
The two bars with the same name located in the center of Kyiv are unique photo locations in their own ways. One Love Espresso Bar near the Olympiiska metro station regularly pops up on Instagram due to its marvelous view of the St. Nicholas Cathedral. The outdoor terrace is often filled with those who work at the adjoining Kyiv-Toronto business center, as well as curious tourists. As for One Love in Pinchuk Art Center, this spot is known for the bright all-white interior and panorama windows showing off Besarabka. As the name suggests, the place specializes in coffee beverages from basics to alternative brewing like pour over.
Address: 100, Velyka Vasylkivska Street; 1/2, Khreschatyk Street
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Tsvetochnaya Lavka
Tsvetochnaya Lavka means “a flower stall" in Russian and that’s exactly the vibe to channel in the Instagram pictures: various plants and flowers are placed on the ceiling and under the see-through glass tables. Color palette embraces the green theme with mint walls and adds a bright accent of the trendy baby pink on the plush chairs. All dishes are served in bowls and are perfect for lunches or a late weekend breakfast.
Address: 13/42, Saksahanskoho Street
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Recognized by a German creative agency Gestalten as a café with one of the best contemporary interiors, Orang+Utan is definitely a notable mentioning on the list. The all-white tile of the main bar hall, a wild array of cacti and tropical plants near the wash-hand basin, neon lights and the stylish food is what grabs the attention here. Luckily, there are two spots in the downtown Kyiv where visitors can enjoy the atmosphere and unusual sandwich flavors like seitan and spirulina.
Address: 72, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street; 16/108, Symona Petlyury Street
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The Blue Cup Coffee Shop
The cozy coffee shop located 10 minutes from the Teatralna metro station is often dubbed as one of the most hipster-visited locations in Kyiv. It’s no wonder: the new interior with mid-century furniture elements, animalistic cushions and marine lamps call carefully balance each other and create a cozy vibe. The main accent is placed on the wallpaper with intricate animal illustrations: pipe-smoking bull and bobcat in a beanie are often characters of Instagram selfies. Various desserts and the alternative coffee brew is what attracts regulars of the café.
Address: 5, Pushkinska Street
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Madame Josy
French interior trends are often recognized as one of the most exquisite in the world. That’s why the patisserie located near Maidan Nezalezhnosti has gathered the crème de la crème of the French traditions: rich colors, outdoor tables, fresh flowers on the tables and, of course, desserts that resemble works of art. The place’s menu specials from tarts and éclairs to croissants and macarons are prepared carefully to make a picture-perfect meal.
Address: 4, Borysa Hrinchenka Street
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Kachorovska Store & Cafe
Kachorovska is café and designer shoe store with two locations in the downtown: near Andryivskyi Descent and the Lva Tolstoho metro station. The spots are equally well-furnished: the latest trends and minimalistic color palette don’t draw attention away from the main things: enjoying a cup of steaming coffee and lunch. Apart from the culinary aspect, Kachorovska has a wide collection of shoes, bags and accessories carefully fit into the interior.
Address: 35A, Borychiv Tik; 14, Velyka Vasylkivska Street
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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