10 Mobile Apps for Kyiv Restaurants

10 Mobile Apps for Kyiv Restaurants

Luckily, apart from the horror visions from «Black Mirror», technology rise can actually bring something convenient in our lives. Say, discount cards and flyers that always get lost in old bags and winter coat pockets, folded and forgotten until they are actually needed. Why waste paper if you can download an app? Check out these 10 apps that get you discounts at Kyiv restaurants.

The app gives you points for registration. Earn bonus points and spend them to get free items from the menu. 1 bonus point = 10% of the order sum. Besides, there are constant discounts on Mondays, Tuesdays and weekends, and discounts for the second large noodles portion and burgers.
Menya Musashi
For the fans of ramen and Japanese cuisine on the whole, this app allows you to collect 10% bonus of each order sum, and spend them on items from the bonus menu. Additional bonus points are also assigned for downloading the app and registration.
3B Cafe & 3B Republic
food apps 2

This burger place suggests you to download their app for gathering bonus points, which deal is quite standard (10% of each order amount). Registration bonus points are also assigned here. For the amount of points you gather, you can buy items from the menu.
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How does this one work? Simple as that: download the app and collect bonus points. Here 1 bonus point is UAH 1. And each time you are assigned 5% of the order sum.
The famous pizza chain has its own bonus system: receive from 10% to 20% bonuses depending on the order sum, and use them in 30 days (that is how long they are valid). Each Tuesday, the second pizza comes with 80% discount.
Bruce Lee
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The simple principle works here as well — bonus points per 10% of the order amount, and additional ones for downloading and registering in the app.
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Il molino
In this app you can be reminded of «happy hours» — from Monday to Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00 you can buy the second pizza with 50% discount. Apart from this, the usual bonus earning system works here too: 10% of the order sum, choose something for yourself from the menu.
City-Zen Cafe
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The app works for the regular bonus system of gathering 10% of the order sum, turning them into bonus points and spending those on available items from the menu.
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Gastro Family Borisov
This app assigns bonus points for each UAH 10 of your order. You can order anything from the bonus menu and pay in the amount of bonus points that you’ve earned.
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Pizza House
At Pizza House, you can buy each second pizza with 50% discount and each third one is free. Same deal works for sushi rolls. If you have a PrivatBank card, «Bonus+» program works here too — you earn 3% of each order on the bonus account. After the tenth order, you are assigned a permanent discount of 10%.

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