7 New Coffee Spots in Kyiv: June 2018 Review

7 New Coffee Spots in Kyiv: June 2018 Review

A cup of delicious coffee is a good choice in any season, and, of course, summer is not an exception. Where to go in summer 2018 to explore new coffee recipes and freshly-opened cozy spots? We will help you to find new interesting cafes with hot and cold fragrant coffee in Kyiv.

One Love Coffee

The fifth coffee place of One Love Coffee network has recently opened its doors on European square in Kyiv. As for design, the cafe impresses by big panoramic windows with picturesque view over Volodymyrska hill and cozy summer terrace. Similar to other spots of the network, the new One Love Coffee offers light and fresh roast coffee of “Specialty” class. The menu includes classic options such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white, frappe, cold brew with grapefruit and 15 kinds of Irish coffee with alcohol. Besides, guests can try coffee prepared using alternative methods: filter coffee, Chemex, pour over, aeropress and bonavita. Here coffee fans can buy beans or fresh roasted coffee and take it home. Apart from drinks, visitors are welcome to order granola, fried eggs, smorrebrods, salads, soups, quiches and desserts.
Address: 1-2, Khreschatyk street
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Coffee in the MISTO

This new coffee spot in gorgeous Vozdvizhenka district offers more than 30 types of drinks, including well-known classic along with unusual options such as bubble gum latte, cappuccino with salty caramel, orange pour over and coffee with soy, almond or coconut milk. As for food, the cafe has recently added new positions like Caesar, Caprese and Greek salads, and croissants with sweet and savory fillings: vegetarian, turkey & goat cheese, tuna, almond and raspberries. Two types of granola with milk or yoghurt are also available here: Nuts Trio with almonds, pine nuts and walnuts; and Banana with almond slices, bananas, coconut and berries. Besides, the cafe has macaroons with pistachio, coconut, raspberry, wild strawberry, lavender and blueberry taste.
Address: 16a, Kozhum`yatska street

Botanic coffee & cocktail bar near Palats Ukraina subway station in the city center is a new location that keeps to the trendy “transformer” format. In the morning, visitors are welcome to enjoy delicious coffee and breakfast, and in the evening the coffee shop turns into a party place with cocktails and DJ sets. The name of the cafe is related to the concept of botanical garden, so interior design includes many live and artificial plants. The coffee menu includes classic coffee drinks with regular and vegetable milk as well as signature options such as lemongrass latte, violet cappuccino or latte with sparkles. As for alcohol, guests are offered around 50 classic and signature cocktails. The menu also provides wide range of options for breakfast or dinner: salads, cream soups, homemade hummus, paste and many other.
Address: 106, Velyka Vasylkivska street
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One Little Coffee Shop

One little coffee shop in the very heart of Ukrainian capital delights visitors with stylish interior, combining loft design, classic elements and furniture made of natural wood. The menu, in its turn, pleases with wide assortment of popular cold and hot drinks. Here you will find espresso, Americano, cappuccino, flat white, latte with salty caramel and many other attractive options. Coffee in One little coffee shop is prepared using both classic and alternative methods. Do not miss your chance to try unusual vegetable milk and extremely delicious cocoa. Besides, guests are offered great choice of tea with different additives and sweet desserts.
Address: 6, Sofiyivska street
BUCK Coffee Roasters

The well-known participants of Kyiv festivals (Ulichnaya Eda, Kurazh Bazar and other) have finally launched their first coffee spot in Podil district. BUCK Coffee Roasters offers classic coffee drinks – espresso, doppio, Americano, flat white and so on, along with unusual options like chocolate & mint latte, latte with salty caramel, banana latte, nut & caramel latte, honey, vanilla and lavender latte. Here guests can try many kinds of macaroons: salty caramel, Dor Blu cheese, rose & raspberry, mango & passionfruit. It is also recommended to taste delicious cheesecakes, tea and cocoa.
Address: 20/14, Kostyantynivska street
Progress cafe

Progress cafe is a new multifunctional space, where guests can have a coffee with a snack and practice their English. The cafe offers the latest magazines and books in English language; also, it is often visited by native English speakers. Those who are interested may sign up for language courses in Progress school. The laconic interior design of the spot unites velvet textile, gray granite and latten graphics, keeping to calm light colors that create relaxed atmosphere. Progress cafe has all classic coffee drinks from espresso to flat white made of 100% fresh roasted Arabica Columbia Supreme. The list of dishes in menu includes granola with yoghurt, croissants, quiche with meat and spinach, nut and caramel sugarless sweets, cheesecakes and brownies.
Address: 6, Patorzhynskogo street
Hidden Coffee Room

This cafe, located on the second floor of the building on Reitarska street in Kyiv center, has no entrance from the street – that is why it is called “hidden”. In daytime, Hidden coffee room functions in the mode of regular coffee place, while in evenings guests are invited to play chess, to dance and listen to jazz music. The owners plan to organize cinema evenings here in the near future. The visitors of Hidden coffee room can order coffee drinks, wine and strong alcohol. As for coffee, here you can pick classic options: latte, espresso, Americano. Besides, the spot offers 10 types of tea and 3 kinds of cocoa.
Address: 8b, Reitarska street
Coffee brings us energy and good mood, and tasting coffee in the newest places of the city makes the drinking process way more exciting. New coffee spots of Kyiv welcome you!
Photo source: unsplash.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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