7 New Kyiv Restaurants: October 2017 Review

7 New Kyiv Restaurants: October 2017 Review

Kyiv has always been generous for warm and cozy places to pop into after a long city stroll or just to have a good time with your loved ones. But who can get enough of a good thing? If you are the one who can't, here new seven to be visited and liked.

Savage Food

Savage Food is a vegetarian cafe that sprang out after a festival left a wooden construction. The owners of Closer art-space whose location is right next to a “leftover” decided to put it to good use. This is the way one more venue for vegetarians’ get-togethers appeared. Besides regular menu staples – sandwiches, salads, desserts, there is always a dish of the day – vegetable soup with couscous and buckwheat, pasta Bolognaise, borsch and so on – dishes change every day. In beverage list you’ll find vanilla lemonade, kiwi spirulina smoothie and tea. The owners are planning to add craft beer and wine.
Average bill: 160 hryvnias
Address: 31 Nyzhnioiurkivska Street
Comics Cafe

Comics cafe is a place where superheroes guard your meal. They are everywhere here – on the walls, tables and even on cookies. The menu is about straightforward food that leaves you satisfied – pancakes stuffed with tuna, pork or veal, sandwiches, soups, salads, lemonades and milkshakes. The cafe hold its own bakery that indulges the visitors with freshly-baked delicious cakes and comics-hero shaped cookies. While waiting for your order you can spend your time flipping through comics, playing table football or just looking at superheroes around. Except for dishes, comics here also can be bought.
Average bill: 130 hryvnias
Address: 18 Yelyzavety Chavdar Street

We.Restaurant is one more venue in Kyiv to get together with family or friends and fill your hunger gap with mouth-watering Italian dishes. Pasta in a cheer of cheese, Bolognese lasagna, porcini mushroom risotto and traditional pizza are really things of foodies’ joy and pleasure. A glorious selection of French, Spanish, Portuguese wines to go with excellent Italian food leaves each and every visitor of We.Restaurant hankering for another slice of appetizing Italy cuisine.
Average bill: 300 hryvnias
Address: 6 Heroiiv Stalingrada Avenue, building 4
One place is not enough for generous Georgian food traditions that is why second Mama Manana restaurant appeared in Kyiv to seduce into excellent Caucasian cuisine. Mama Manana South is a little altered name, but the same wickedly good traditional dishes. Adjarian khachapuri with an egg and cheese, khinkali, kharcho soup, tsyrsak with peanut butter, kindzmari goldfish in wine sauce with coriander and spices accompanied by world-known Georgian wines make one bite lead to another to feel true Georgian generosity wholeheartedly.
Average bill: 250 hryvnias
Address: 5b Heorhiy Kirpa Street,
Papa Povar Restaurant
Papa Povar restaurant is a place where good wine and delicious dishes call to you loudly. The menu is abundant with seafood dishes as well as meat ones. Forshmak with sour cream boiled egg and toasts, Danubian herring tartar with pike caviar and Greek yogurt, filet mignon with banosh and roasted vegetables – all about the joy of letting good ingredients speak for themselves. Vast array of European and Ukrainian wine and home-like atmosphere makes mealtime in Papa Povar comforting and relaxing.
Average bill: 300 hrynias
Address: 75 Olesia Honchara Street

Georgian restaurants are never enough for such a big and diverse city, so Kyiv hosts one more place with Caucasian food. Chichico is a new Georgian place that gives a fresh look on Georgian traditions and offers to taste modern gastronomy of the country. Vegetable salad with walnut sauce, marinated red perch in green adzhika sauce, spinach, beet and pumpkin phalli with mchadi, cold hinkali with nadugi, Khachapuri with spinach and leek a few mouth-watering dishes Chichiko restaurant’s menu abundant with. House speciality is Chichiko burger with veal or lamb – the ingredients of traditional burger are replaced with Georgian ones.
Average bill: 250 hryvnias
Address: 23a Yaroslaviv Val
Bassano Dolceteka

Bassano Dolceteka pastry shop is eager to make big city life sweeter. Desserts are cafe style that fit each and every visitor who come whether to check out what's good in the area or drop in for a piece of cake. Here each dessert is marked with coefficient of sweetness and lightness. The pastry shop has its own bakery to present the freshest croissants and other baked goods to gorge on. Hand-made vanilla ice cream, walnut chocolate, strawberry zephyr and other knockout sweets are on the displays of the venue. Besides pastries, salads, soups, sandwiches and a few main courses are on offer in the restaurant as well.
Average bill: 200 hryvnias
Address: 8 /14 Velyka Zhytomyrska Street
Visit all the seven newcomers to feel the new delight of delicious food.
Photo source: shutterstock.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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