Alexey Shemenkov About Profession and Gastronomy

Alexey Shemenkov About Profession and Gastronomy

Alexey Shemenkov is only 30 but he has quite a solid experience and the heart full of bold ambitions. His passion to gastronomy and cooking took roots in his early childhood, his experience came from the leading meat restaurants and his professionalism was rewarded by being named among TOP10 Best Meat Chefs of Ukraine according to "Focus" magazine.

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BEEF restaurant in Kyiv is famous not only for hi-end meat dishes, but for a comfortable atmosphere, modern approach to gastronomy and very good service. Alexey Shemenkov is the main celebrity here due to his creative and highly qualified chef skills in the restaurant.
Restaurant business attracted me with its constant movement. Here everything is like in a living being – moving quickly, noisily, organized, there is an opportunity to contribute and enjoy the victories!
The Chef, in the first place, is the face of the restaurant, the tutor. He is a person who will give the right advice any time. He also has to follow the trends, and sometimes create them.
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Priority professional qualities are: aspiration, rigor and punctuality. It's important to be an authority for your team, you can conquer the mountains in this case.
In my opinion, profile education is not the main issue, because even without it a person can have a talent for cooking. If you have the desire and you absorb knowledge like a sponge, then everything will work out.
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Trendy restaurants and products
The main trends were and will be products from farms and local producers. All over the world grains are gaining popularity. Fresh vegetables, good meat and absolute openness for the guest are the main features of a trendy place. Ukrainian products are getting better and better. For example, asparagus from Lyubimovka is very nice, properly packaged and delivered fresh to the restaurant group. It's great! Meat, too, begins to turn out to be juicier, marble and this is thanks to our farming! Meat, probably, is the most interesting product. There are lots of ideas and possibilities of its preparation. My favorite product, probably like for many men, is a big piece of meat, well roasted but a little damp and juicy inside.
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The ideal restaurant is the one where you want to come again and again, where the staff knows your name, where people celebrate important events of their life and where you can eat tasty food in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.
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I think very soon Ukrainian restaurants will enter the 50 best restaurants in the world.
Haute cuisine and foodies
Haute cuisine in any case is based on common principles. It's great when the traditions are observed in interesting and unusual way. A Ukrainian foodie travels a lot now, tries new tastes and experiences the best service, understands the ways of food preparation. It is quite possible to call him/her a connoisseur and gourmet. The level of gastronomic culture is growing very fast in our country.
An ideal visit to a restaurant gives you positive emotions from food, drinks and the atmosphere.
Interviewed by Irina Mettus
Photos provided by Alexey Shemenkov

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