Atmospheric Bookshop-Cafés in Kyiv

Atmospheric Bookshop-Cafés in Kyiv

Photo: Kharms bookshop-cafe facebook pageWhat could be better than combining cakes, coffee and books? «Destinations» handpicked the top places in Kyiv to drink coffee and read a book. Here they are - Kyiv’s best bookshop-cafés.

There is a large number of independent cafés and bookstores across the city. Bookstore cafés are made to appeal both to the scholar and the epicure.

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Photo: Kharms Facebook Page
Yes, it’s an obvious choice, but included for a reason. Kharms is one of the most popular Bookshop-Cafés in Kyiv. Its tea and coffee selection is almost as interesting and peculiar as the range of books on offer. Here you can select a book to buy and then settle down with a pot of tea. The atmosphere is very welcoming, cozy and warm. Hipster interior, great assortment of books and editorials and good tea/coffee menu makes Kharms one of the most popular Bookshop-Cafés in Kyiv.
Address: 45. Volodymyrska street, Kyiv.
Imbir (Ginger)

Photo: Imbir Facebook Page
This is a friendly vegan cafe in Kyiv downtown. «Imbir» provides light breakfasts, lunch food and a selection of sweets. The interior is light and very cozy. This place offers a great selection of books you can browse through while dining or buy to bring home with you. The enduring popularity of this Indian vegetarian restaurant is a marvel in fickle Kyiv, where so many restaurants open and close in a blink. Here guests can enjoy a great selection of Indian food and modest however carefully chosen assortment of books and editorials. 
Address: 7, Zhylyanska street, Kyiv.
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Cupid (Cupidon)

Cupidon main
Photo: google photos
Cupid gastro-club aims at being one of the last resorts for Kyiv bohemia these days. Cupid was the first place in Kyiv to accommodate food, drinks and literature in one place. The interior of this bookshop-café reminds of steam-punk music videos and is full of hipster details. Cupid hosts various literature lectures and workshops by Ukrainian authors and poets. Here you can enjoy delicious Ukrainian food, good selection of cocktails and many books on offer.
Address: 1-3/5 Pushkinska street, Kyiv.
Krapka Koma (Full stop Coma) Literature Pub

krapka koma interior 2
Photo: Krapka Koma Facebook Page
This place is an interesting alternative to the conventional bookshop-cafés. Krapka Koma Literature Pub offers a sumptuous variety of meat dishes, craft beer and cocktails. Books here are not for sale, you can browse through their selection while enjoying pub’s food and drinks. Guests can watch sports games and movies on big screen as well as listen to live bands performing night in and night out.
Address: 14, Antonovycha street, Kyiv.
Dovzhenko, Books, Coffee, Cinema

Photo: Dovzhenko, Books, Coffee, Cinema Facebook Page
This cozy little Bookshop-Café is the creation of «Folio» Kharkiv editorial house. At ‘Dovzhenko, Books, Coffee, Cinema’ visitors can buy books, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, attend various literature lectures and workshops. There are interesting movie screenings of contemporary Ukrainian cinematography as well as films by Ukrainian cinematography classics.
Address: 43A, Vorovskoho, street, Kyiv.
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This list gives you ample bookshop-cafés to explore the next time you are out to feed your mind and your body.

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