Autumn 2017 Food Festivals in Kyiv

Autumn 2017 Food Festivals in Kyiv

Sappy fruits and vegetables are not the only bounty autumn in Kyiv is rich in. Food festivals that make foodies unite also offers harvest of various sorts and flavours. Autumn is no longer about frustration. Give a visit to this five and get a solid proof.

Kyiv Food and Wine Festival
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Kyiv food and Wine festival greets foodies and wine drinkers for the 9th time. The main characters of this festival are cheese and wine. There will be a possibility to taste the most different kinds of cheese from not just best cheesemakers, but from cheese addicts who love their occupation and do it with huge passion. Wine with perfect taste and excellent flavor to go with cheese are going to flow like water here. The final flourish of the feast is grape squeezing in a huge tub.
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When: September, 30 – October, 1
Where: 1, Glushkova avenue (National Expocenter of Ukraine)
How much: 80 – 100 hryvnias
Cheese, wine and horses
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True cheese lovers are always ready to go where the world ends searching for the perfect one. Cheese, wine and horses event enables to try up-market cheese without crossing borders. It is a one-day trip to sample different kinds of cheese at eco-farm and buy you favourites. To make the tasting exquisite and delightful a glass of wine is offered. The final point of the exciting and delicious trip is visiting one of the best horse clubs to feed the animals and just have a cute time.
When: October, 1
Where: Holosiivska metro station
How much: 390 hryvnias
Kyiv beer festival
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Small private breweries as well as big beer companies are getting together for a huge event! Kyiv beer festival is on the agenda at the second weekend of October. The festival is all about beer culture where numerous kinds of the foamy beverage are presented. Small developing Ukrainian breweries along with ones whose beer is well-liked not only in Ukraine, but far beyond its borders will satisfy your beer buds with craft beer of the highest quality.
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When: October, 7-8
Where: 1 Bilomorska Street (Art-zavod Platforma)
How much: 150 hryvnias
Ulichnaya Eda Festival
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The biggest event that offers food journeys like nowhere else in Kyiv – it has already become a common knowledge that Ulichnaya Eda is about dozens of food courts with culinary delights, chill-out zones to relax sipping delicious cocktails and only the coolest people around. October Ulichnaya Eda festival will please its visitors with mainly barbeque dishes – different varieties of grilled meat, fish, vegetables. But sandwiches, seafood and vegetarian food are also on the menu – Ulichnaya Eda serves up whatever your palate desires!
When: October, 21-22
Where: 1 Bilomorska Street (Art-zavod Platforma)
How much: 100 hryvnias
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The last autumn month in Kyiv starts with drinks! Alkomarket gets together only those who know good alcoholic beverages to offer you the best made ones. The list includes original wine, craft beer, creator-owned liqueur and molfar herbal liqueur and miraculous elixir – all in the best traditions of Ukraine. Meat, cheese, sweets, sauces, honey and everything that Ukrainians like to chase alcoholic drinks with. Feel what it is like to drink in Ukrainian.
When: November, 4-5
Where: 12 Desiatynna Street
How much: free
Food festivals mean delicious drinks and mouth-watering food. Eat, drink and don’t feel sorry!

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