Baguette cafe and bakery in Lviv

Baguette cafe and bakery in Lviv

Photo: @eva_varlakLviv city centre gastro scene is booming with zillions of options to satisfy most elaborate foodies’ cravings. However, until recent time, to find a decent place to grab a bite or have a coffee outside Lviv downtown was almost an impossible mission. Pioneers of the «hood» dining business, Baguette cafe and bakery opened its doors to the visitors in one of the most upscale residential areas of Lviv.

Now they offer freshly baked goods and delicious pizzas as well as the selection of fine coffee brews and other homemade seasonal drinks.Baguette opened almost 2 years ago in Frankivsky district of Lviv. This is a part of Lviv with the highest rent fees and real estate prices.

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Despite that fact this upscale hood desperately lacked a place where locals could spend some quality time without heading out to the center of the city. Baguette, located on the first floor of the old Austro-Hungarian residential building, is a classical cost French style bakery. They offer superb pastries, breads and savories based on time proven traditional French baking methods using the finest natural ingredients.
Recently Baguette added delicious oven-baked pizzas and fresh green salads to its lunch menu.

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Guests enjoy spending time at the summer terrace comfortably located on the shaded side street allowing some privacy from the busy Chuprynka street which the front door of the bakery is facing.

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The location could be as well interesting for the tourists as this cafe stands just next door to the impressive red-brick catholic church (St Clement Cathidral) which is not often listed in the guidebooks and right across the street from another significant Lviv architectural sight - the house of Josef Sosnovskyy. This house is a built in a lavish palace style and wows almost all, who sees it for the first time.

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Head to Baguette terrace for a cup of fragrant coffee or chilly homemade lemonade in the evening to enjoy romantic atmosphere of Lviv the way locals do.

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