BARVY Restaurant and Art Space

BARVY Restaurant and Art Space

Kyiv, being the capital of the country, offers many restaurants to enjoy authentic Ukrainian cuisine. BARVY is the new addition to the local restaurant scene, which introduces the modern Ukrainian cuisine based on traditional recipes of various regions and ethnic groups of Ukraine.

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BARVY serves traditional dishes of Transcarpathia, Galicia and Bukovina cuisine, as well as specialties from Odesa and the Crimean Tatar cuisine. Particular attention is paid to game, honoring the fact that hunting has been one of the most popular crafts in Ukraine for a long time.


The large bar is the heart of the restaurant and it can be called the first laboratory of Ukrainian cocktails and mixed drinks. Here guests can discover an interesting and exciting Ukrainian take on the popular cocktails such as Kyiv Old Fashioned or Hutsul Sour.
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In addition, BARVY is not just the restaurant - it is also an art space. Restaurant area has become a regular venue for exhibitions of talented Ukrainian artists, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, as well as musical, literary and fashion performances. Therefore you can always combine an elegant dinner with a visit to the gallery of contemporary Ukrainian art or live music in BARVY.


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Address: 3, Mechnikova street, Kyiv
Photo source: Barvy Facebook Page

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