Bee Garden Cafe in Kyiv

Bee Garden Cafe in Kyiv

In the fast-food era, finding a healthy place to eat at proves to be a quest and lottery combined. Moreover, not every restaurant is willing to share the product's origins or think through the calorie value of the dishes. Luckily, newly-opened Bee Garden is a complete opposite: the cafe supports balanced ration, local manufacturers and craft products. Let's find out what else it got up its sleeve!

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Even the name of the cafe is chosen carefully – its history started as a small family-held bee garden in Mykolaiv, and soon transformed into one of the cozy and healthy cafes in the busy city that is Kyiv. The concept of the place is to offer the most delicious food be it a breakfast for a hurrying office manager at 8 A.M. or a romantic dinner for two in the evening. Bee Garden is heavily focused on popularization of the farm products, that's why each position in the menu is prepared from the organic Ukrainian ingredients.
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The menu principles are just as clear: healthy, delicious and fast. Besides, Bee Garden Cafe keeps up with the trends — dishes from the breakfast section here are available the whole day long. To name but a few: oatmeal with poached eggs, Parmesan and truffle oil, eggs Benedict on a spinach toast with Hollandese sauce and salted salmon.
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As for the dinner and lunch, salads, soups and various sandwiches are presented in a variety of tastes. Thus, classic meat sandwiches are paired with the options for vegetarians: tuna or cheese&onions fillings. Bee Garden also offers fruit and vegetables platter for those who keep to the diet or merely want to enjoy the concentrated healthiness.
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Desserts offer the classics beloved by many locals: Napoleon cake, which is essentially a custard slice cake, Medovyk or honey cake, as well as the well-known international options: croissants with various sweet and sour fillings and cheesecakes. Bee Garden Café lets the guests explore the coffee classics and new trends, all made from the 100% Arabica with homemade syrups up to the customer's taste. Negroni, Aperol Spritz, Boulevardier, season mulled wine and wide range of Ukrainian and foreign wines make up the alcohol positions on the menu.
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Interior of the place sticks to the minimalist style to keep the focus on the food and at the same time ensure the coziness: light colors and wooden elements are balanced with plants. For those who want to indulge in the joys of healthy cuisine at home or office, Bee Garden Café offers take away for every position on the menu.
Address: 34, Velyka Zhytomyrska street
Photo source: Bee Garden Facebook Page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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