Best Confectionaries in Lviv

Best Confectionaries in Lviv

The best places for desserts and confectionery in Lviv inspire you to throw out all the rules—eat with moderation, save the best for last—and give in to sugary bliss, no matter what the time of day.If your sweet tooth is what some would call 'legendary', Destinations offers to check out best dessert cafés in Lviv for cake, pastries and everything sugary and sweet.

Celebrating the European tradition of café culture and as the only café fronting Lviv’s vibrant residential area of the western part of the city, by day, Shoco offers the finest pastries and patisseries, chocolates and pralines, breakfasts, light lunches, afternoon tea and wide variety of coffee specialties and hot drinks. Delight in over-the-top varieties of classic childhood desserts as well as their signature desserts. Shoco Bakery in Lviv entices visitors into its cozy atmosphere with a rotating selection of delectable desserts made in house daily, in addition to heaping milkshakes, specialty coffees and hot beverages.
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Pid Zolotoyu Zirkoyu (Under the Golden Star) new pastry shop in Lviv is quite a puzzling place, as at the entrance guests will read the sign that in addition to being the pastry shop it is also an apothecary museum. On entering the premises of this new confectionery place most guests will be surprised to find themselves inside the 19th century drugstore with the authentic furnishing and equipment. However, after looking more closely visitors will see the impressive selection of cakes, confectionery and baked goods elegantly arranged on the counter. The owners of Pid Zolotoyu Zirkoyu have done a good job in reconstructing one of the oldest and most famous drugstores in Ukraine that used to be located in this building - Piot Mikolasch Apothecary. Now this is a very atmospheric place offering mind-blowing collection of desserts and pastry. 
Address:  1, Kopernika street, Lviv.


Veronika (21, Shevchenko avenue) is the oldest and probably the most-known city confectionery. Sweets made by old Austrian-Hungarian recipes are really delicious. You won’t find any other confectionary in Lviv with such a wide selection of candies, biscuits and cakes. Its central location and iconic status makes Veronika top destination for the well-groomed local crowd as well as numerous travelers looking for the best desserts in Lviv.


In Lvivska Tsukiernia (3, Staroievreiska Street, Lviv) guests meet the divine mix of different pastry traditions — Austrian, Polish, Hungarian, Jewish, Czech, Italian, and Ukrainian, all of them with a slight scent of the Middle East at roots. The perfection had been polished during centuries, and delicious pastry emerged when elegance and luxury of restaurants set the pace for even more than modest way of life. Tsukiernia is one of the oldest pastry shop and confectionery in Lviv and is famous for its sensational cakes and baked goods. For many years Lvivska Tsukiernia has baked holiday specialties for its customers — pampukhs for Christmas and paskas for Easter.


Confiserie JUST. Being a modern version of a French patisserie, Confiserie JUST was designed to cater to the most discerning of taste buds. Every day this venue offers the most perfect eclairs, desserts and candies.
Address: 7B, Pid Dubom street, Lviv. Shopping Center Forum, 3rd floor.


Lviv Chocolate Factory. Lviv Chocolate Factory (locally known as «Lvivska Maysternya Shokolady» or Lviv handmade chocolate shop) is a brainchild of iFest holding that is also behind Lviv’s most famous gastro-destinations such as Kryyivka (WW2-themed Ukrainian Patriotic Restaurant), Lviv Coffee Mines (Lvivska Kopal’nya Kavy) and House of Legends (Dim Legend). 
It is believed that the best artisan chocolate in Ukraine comes from Lviv. The place offers great variety of handmade chocolate sweets and massive chocolate bars sold by kilo that make people wait in lines to get their hands on. Located in the heart of the city (3, Serbska Street, Lviv), Lviv Chocolate Factory occupies one of the oldest buildings in town. This place offers a cozy coffee shop on the ground floor and magical confectionery shop spreading on 2 floors above it.

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