Best Korean Restaurants in Kyiv

Best Korean Restaurants in Kyiv

Lately Korea has experienced a rise of popularity and interest: starting from the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang to K-Pop bands whose popularity goes far beyond borders of Korea. Naturally, food is one of cultural elements people are eager to explore along with history and traditions. Some dishes have been included in menu of various Pan Asian restaurants in Kyiv, however, this time Destinations picked the best Korean restaurants to discover the full variety of taste.


A place with 20 years history in Ukraine, Arirang is probably the most well-known restaurant of Korean cuisine in Kyiv. The chef from South Korea brought over the best traditional recipes for various dishes from fish, seafood and poultry. For instance, menu offers noodles like Bibim Naengmyeon, made of broth, buckwheat noodles, flavored beef, egg, vegetables and fruit with sweet and sour sauce. Arirang is a good choice for seafood lovers, as menu has more than 30 types of seafood dishes made from shrimp, mussels, octopus and stingrays.
There are tips to try traditional Korean dumplings Mandu which differ in their cooking method and fillings, as well Korean rolls – Gimbap. One dish is often enough for the whole meal, as Arirang keeps a Korean tradition of serving 6 free side dishes to the main one. Meals here are truly spicy, so be careful. Besides, the restaurant has a small store convenient for those who want to try cooking Korean dishes at home or simply enjoy popular picks like sweets — thus, various noodles, kimchi, corn chips and Choco Pie cakes are available for sale.
Address: 160, Antonovych street
Han Gang
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This restaurant located in the downtown offers dishes suitable for every hour — thus, there are breakfast options, like Korean Gaeran Mari rolled egg omelette with vegetables, business lunches, and a main menu with popular Korean appetizers like Peking cabbage with hot sauce and fried tofu, nourishing soups with beef and pork, fried rice with seafood and a large selection of traditional meat delicacies. There are tips to try the famous pickled cabbage Baechu Kimchi, which is extremely spicy and refreshing and Jajangmyeon pork with noodles, egg, potatoes and black sauce. Hang Gang is extremely popular not only with lovers of Korean cuisine, but also karaoke — there's a VIP hall for those who want to enjoy the fun evening with friends or colleagues, which is a popular tradition in modern Korea. Han Gang also offers delivery services and a system of discounts.
Address: 15, Turhenievska street
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One more well-known place for lovers of Korean cuisine which is known not only for the menu, but a huge karaoke hall where visitors can try themselves not only at singing the popular European and American hits, but also Korean, Japanese and Chinese songs. Naturally, the menu presents all necessaries for discovering traditional Korean cuisine: large assortment of seafood, soups, appetizers are available here. It is worth noting that generally it is best to visit the restaurant with a huge company or family: for instance, soups are served in a large pot, enough for a company of 4. There are tips to try plum wine, which is a true specialty at Hankookkwan. The restaurant also has a small pop-up convenience store with various products from Korea — from soju bottles and food products to beauty masks and magazines.
Address: 10A, Zheliabova street
Gangnam style
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The restaurant's title reminds of the 2012 hit by Korean singer PSY and welcomes visitors to try Korean cuisine in two formats: pay a fixed price and choose dishes from buffet, or resolving to a usual menu. Some positions from the menu include Bulgogi, a barbecue beef and vegetables dish, spicy chicken Dak-Bokkeumtang with potatoes, Kimchi, and Jjamppong – noodles with seafood and vegetables. There are special non-spicy positions for those who are not fond of extra hotness. As for the fixed priced buffet, Gangnam style offers a five-course lunch for UAH 255 and a five-course dinner for UAH 385.
Address: 25/1, Naberezhne shose
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Korean cuisine is promptly gaining popularity, so we expect new restaurants opening in Kyiv soon.
Photo source: Arirang Facebook page, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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