Best New Kyiv Restaurants

Best New Kyiv Restaurants

Photo: GRUN facebook pageKyiv’s dining scene is constantly evolving. Ukraine’s capital dwellers are a fast-moving bunch fixated on what's new and is happening around them. As much as guests and locals love long-time establishments and neighborhood standbys they also want to know the hottest and the best new restaurants Kyiv has to offer. 

«Destinations» rounded up the best new Kyiv restaurants opened in 2016.
We’ll start our gastronomic journey with Grun restaurant (62/64, Velyka Vasulkivska street), located in Kyiv downtown. The interior design of the Grun restaurant is airy and lights with many Nordic accents, natural cranky wood details and simple geometric shapes. «Destinations» suggests to visit Grun’s Facebook page and browse through their photo gallery before finalizing your decision on this dining destination. They will set you in the right mood for restaurant’s mouth watering menu. «Grun» offers a wide selection of meats (they also have game meat dishes), freshly baked pizzas, free salads and desserts. ‘The natural cuisine’ menu focuses on nature and the seasons for its inspiration. This new restaurant in Kyiv is a perfect place for breakfast or lunch in a laid-back atmosphere in the center of the busy city.
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Photo: GRUN facebook page
Let us now move to Podil. This capital’s area food-and-drink scene provides ample activity to satiate short attention spans. With numerous restaurants, bars, diners and hole-in-the-wall cheap eats opening each year, the selection of options for eating out here is impressive. For quick delicious lunch or after-work drink in a hip and up-beat atmosphere pay a visit to Fly Bar (25B, Sagaydachnoho street). We suggest you head down here during the week to get the best lunch experience. Fly Bar’s menu offers a variety of sumptuous lunches which differ from Monday to Sunday and nice selection of cocktails. This chilled neighborhood spot in the heart of Podil district in Kyiv will tick all of your hipster requests - well mixed cocktails, vintage decor and good music. It's the perfect place to head just to hang out and catch up with friends.

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Photo: FLY BAR facebook page
Newly opened restaurant Pantelapase (2, Esplanade street) has received quite the amount of publicity as it’s opening party attracted many local celebrities and socialites. Described as a ‘dynamic and generous scene’ rather than a restaurant, Pantelyapase has all the chances to become the most popular dining and wining destination of Kyiv downtown. The kitchen centers on fresh seafood and meat, serving dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavors. The interior of the restaurant is charming with fantastic lighting design and curious sculptures. Pantelyapase also holds an artistic focus, evident through its commitment to hosting music concerts and performances.

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Photo: Pantelyapase facebook page
Talking about international cuisine restaurants, Kyiv boasts many places where you can taste various authentic dishes from around the world. Georgian cuisine restaurants and diners are very popular in the capital of Ukraine. Garo (116, Antonovycha street) Restaurant opened its doors to eager visitors not that long ago and instantly became a popular dining destination of the area. The restaurant still works in a test mode. Garo is serving authentic Georgian dishes like khinkali, khachapuri and rkaciteli. The food here is unusual, very well-made, and - we imagine - what good Georgian home cooking must be like.


Photo: Garo facebook page
The left bank of Dnipro River has much more modest food scene, comparing to booming Kyiv central district. However new interesting places to dine and wine keep popping up awing locals with unusual concepts, extraordinary designs and elaborate dishes. Macconi cafe-and-dairy quickly became popular family dining spot among left-bank Kyiv dwellers. The idea behind Macconi Restaurant (1/5, Igor Shamo Boulevard) is simply to offer delicious, handmade, traditional, sumptuous dishes, cakes and pastries to the guests. Dishes are served with traditional Georgian spirit and hospitality. Macconi dishes are usually shared around the table to be savored amongst families, and friends. Georgian famous hospitality, warm atmosphere and delicious food make this restaurant one of the best family-friendly dining destinations on the left bank district of Kyiv.

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Photo: Macconi Restaurant facebook page  
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Restaurants are opening at a dizzying pace in Kyiv. «Destinations» rounds up a number of places that have opened this year and are not only great - they are reasonably priced and offer warm and comfortable atmosphere for your ultimate dining experience.

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