Best Places for Coffee and Croissant in the Center of Kyiv

Best Places for Coffee and Croissant in the Center of Kyiv

The common thing in hectic workdays and lazy weekends is how easily both can be improved with a good start. The beginning of the day was proved to be crucial for setting the mood, and it’s no surprise – after all, being irritated right after you open your eyes isn’t beneficial for anyone. A nice way to make the morning better is to take a few minutes to relax in a calm atmosphere before engaging in business. That’s why Destinations picked the best locations for coffee and croissant in Kyiv’s downtown.

Lviv croissants

The food chain first met the peak of its popularity due to the convenient spot located right near the Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station. The signboard with an illuminated croissant can’t speak more clearly – that’s the place to stop by for some quiet time. The range is truly broad, starting from a classical plain French croissant, to sweet ones like chocolate, strawberry with cream, and custard cream sprinkled with sugar powder. The large section of 13 savory options with various tastes is worth mentioning. Besides, visitors can assemble a croissant with their chosen flavors. As for the beverages, coffee classics like Americano, cappuccino, and latte are presented in the café.
Address: 5, Spaska Street; 24, Khreschatyk Street; 14, L'vivs'ka Square; 1/2 Baseina Street

This bakery and boutique café has been on the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years. Throughout their history, the café has gained a status of one of the best bakeries in the city, known especially for their individual cakes for any occasion and cozy atmosphere. Here visitors can enjoy 3 types of croissants: plain French, almond & marzipan, and the most popular pick — a chocolate croissant with ganache cream. The coffee map includes all standard options from espresso to cappuccino. Reprisa’s spots are conveniently located in the downtown, close to metro stations and/or trolleybus stops.
Address: 40/25, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho Street; 38, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street; 26, Velyka Vasylkivska Street
Bo. Pastry
Founded by the famous Chef Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Bo Pastry located on Khreshchatyk Street has promptly gained popularity since its opening in winter 2017. The delicate atmosphere, stylish décor and, of course, delicious pastries are the factors that continue to lure in dozens of customers each day. One more secret weapon of the place is a unique coffee menu: Diamond cappuccino, Flat gold, Caramel Latte, Maldivian Raf with coconut & chili pepper, and Capporange with freshly squeezed orange juice are among the top-picks not only of the visitors but of Hector Jimenez-Bravo as well. As for the croissants, there are currently 10 options from plain French to exotics like Bubble Gum or Oreo.
Address: 19A, Kreshchatyk Street
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Boulangerie Artisan
This lively French bakery is located in 10 minutes away from Zoloti Vorota station, located on the busy Yaroslaviv Val street. The place is always filled with hurried businessman and fashionable personas that pop in to buy baked goods of their choice to go. The takeaway option is indeed quite popular, but staying in the light-filled room with a cup of coffee is a sure recipe for the good morning. Delicious croissants with almond, mustard cream and chocolate are among the hottest picks in the café. Boulangerie is also known for intriguing seasonal offers for coffee, like caramel frappe, and classical yet just as tasty cappuccino and cocoa.
Address: 21/20A, Yaroslaviv Val Street; 7/10A, Liuteranska Street
The international chain of French pastry shops appeared in Ukraine almost five years ago, choosing Yaroslaviv Val as their initial location. The long-awaited event by French expats didn’t go unnoticed; and up to date, Paul is always bustling with people who want to taste real French pastry. Apart from the delicious bread and trendy macarons, Paul is known for their preparation of croissants: the base for the pastry comes all the way from Lille. There are tips to try the almond croissant with classic coffee. More unusual options, like matcha latte from powdered green tea leaves, are available here as well.
Address: 26, Yaroslaviv Val Street; 6, Arkhitektora Horodetskoho Street
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Big Cup
The bright coffee shop catches the eye right on the street 10 minutes away from Peyzazhna Sculpture Alley. As one can guess from the title, coffee of all types and blends is the main focus of this place. Most people hop by to order their drink of choice to go, but staying in with a cup of cappuccino and a croissant is welcomed as well. Professional baristas take orders from classic picks like espresso to more sophisticated options: for instance, flat white based on orange juice. Big Cup offers pastries like brownies, and two types of croissants — with sweet and savory fillings.
Address: 29, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street
Whitebeard Blackbird
A cozy spot tucked away in the Vozhdvizhenka district, Whitebeard Blackbird is beloved by IT crowd from the local offices. Visitors mostly come here to have a small chat over the cup of coffee, have a delicious pasta and grab pastries for further breaks at the office. Carefully prepared by the café’s baristas, cappuccino, latte, doppio and filtered coffee are among the most popular picks. Croissants and ciabatta are considered the place’s special.
Address: 40, Vozdvyzhens'ka Street
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Photo source: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.


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