Best Places to Taste Traditional Nalyvka in Lviv

Best Places to Taste Traditional Nalyvka in Lviv

Made with love care, based on the secret recipes that went though generations, this drink continues to baffle tourists. Those familiar with the sweet and intense taste of Ukrainian nalyvka probably won't forget it any time soon. As for the rookies, Lviv is full of restaurants to try it at – as nalyvka essentially is a beverage of Western Ukraine. Destinations gathered the best places to try the spicy drink in the heart of West – Lviv.

Homemade liqueurs («nalyvka») and digestifs («nastoyanka») are Ukrainian traditional strong drinks quite popular in Western Ukraine. They are believed to be stomach-settling miracles after a heavy meal because of the soothing properties of their herbal mixtures. «Nalyvka»s and «nastoyanka»s are intensely flavored, sweet and often served chilled to be sipped slowly.
Куфер / Kufer Cafe

This place is hidden away from the touristic hustle of Lviv right near the Rynok square. The name of the cafe - "kufer" - comes from the Lviv word for one of luggage types, which will resonate in numerous tourists visitng this place. Куфер isn't merely a place for eating and drinking, though - it is located in the former Abrek House, a house of historical and architectural value which was owned by many wealthy and notable families. The menu of nalyvkas is quite simple: khrinovukha, medovukha (with honey), mint and plum. Each of them is quite strong, so better be careful with dosage. Besides, Куфер offers home-made sausages.
Address: 1, Krakivska street
Гасова Лямпа (Gas Lamp) Restaurant-Museum
Гасова Лямпа (Gas Lamp) restaurant-museum was opened on the 155th anniversary of the first kerosene lamp in Lviv, the birthplace of this invention. The restaurant takes up three floors of the old house, located right near the Dominican Church. The service here is truly unique: instead of usual kitchenware, guests are offered dishes and drink in lab devices like test tubes, and waiters surprise the auidence with tricks. The list of nalyvkas here includes positions with creative names: A-95 (mint), Fosforivka - word play on chemical element Phosphorus (grapes) and Naftivka - word play on "gas" (based on cognac, coffee and pomegranate juice. Those who want to try everything can order a degustation set "Chemical Experiment" made up from 10 or 20 nalyvkas.
Address: 20, Virmenska street
Doctor Faust Restaurant
Often dubbed as the most mysterious dining spot in Lviv, Doctor Faust takes serving on the new level. Here visitors will have a chance to try the nalyvka classics - guelder rose&ginger, mint, dogwood&ginger, dogwood&honeybee as well as home-made Baileys in...the skull-shaped glass. Truly, what a way to think of one's mortality! Degustation sets for those who aren't sure of choice are available here, as well as skull-shaped souvenir bottles to suprise friends and family.  
Address: 14, Virmenska street
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П'яна Качка (Drunken Duck) Pub
This hidden spot has opened last year but already gained popularity among locals. Drunken Duck has 16 types of nalyvkas. Thus, cherry, honey, limoncello, cranberry lovers will find something for themselves here. Visitors will recognize nalyvkas as "The Children of Korniakt": Vyschnevetskiy, Hrenivska, Kalhanivska, Becherivska, Schnapps, Borodinka, and limoncello. Recently the pub has begun to produce nalyvkas based on Sambuca and Mojito, which are called accordingly — Sambukivka and Mokhitivka. Besides, several types of craft beers are also available here.
Address: 45, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street
Бар Беррiс / Bar Berries
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Bar Berries calls themselves a private liquor-tasting place and welcomes guests with the cozy atmosphere hidden away from the general hubbub. Here one can taste nalyvkas with raspberries, strawberry, grapefruit, limoncello, cherry, as well as Baileys. By the way, owners of the place let you try the nalyvka before you buy it, which makes it easier to choose The One. There are tips to eat beforehand, as the place only has sandwiches as a side-dish to accompany nalyvkas, but it is certainly worth visiting.
Address: 35, Lesi Ukrainky street
Під синьою фляшкою / Under the Blue Bottle
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This truly legendary Lviv cafe is located in the yard of the Heppner House, which is known as one of countless spots where one can spot Lviv's lions. Під синьою пляшкою is named after the first cafe opened in Vienna by Lviv-born Yuriy Kulchytskyi way back in 1683. Time truly doesn't exist here, though not only because of the interior pecularities like ancient flags, but the menu: here visitors can try the most popular dishes and drinks of the peoples of Austria-Hungary. Naturally, a variety of home-made nalyvkas are among them.
Address: 4, Rus'ka street 
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Наливкарня (Nalyvkarnya) Bar
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Nalyvkarnya was only opened last year but instantly became a beloved place for locals, as well as numerous tourists that wander the streets of Lviv. It is located in the Neo-Renaissance building of the 17th century, which itself is very typical of the city — history here merges with the modernity. The wide range of 27 types of nalyvka ensures each guest find something to their taste. Apart from the spicy drink, the place lures in with football translations and "drunken" chess which one can play after a couple of shots.
Address: 37, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street (entrance from the Staroievreiska street)
Photo sources: Facebook pages of the businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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