Best Restaurants with Spectacular Views in Odesa

Best Restaurants with Spectacular Views in Odesa

Odesa is full of unique cafes and restaurants, which not only please their visitors with great service and delicious food of different cuisines, but also delight the eye with fascinating sea views. Let us consider some places on the coast of Odesa with the best panoramic terraces by the sea.

Terrace. Sea View

Terrace. Sea View restaurant is a stylish place, where unique building architecture and spectacular Black Sea views create a special cozy atmosphere. The usage of modern cooking technologies, such as sous vide, josper and WOK, gives a new fresh look to any regular dish. The meals are served in fusion style. The restaurant menu includes food of Thai and Japanese cuisine, tasty pasta and noodles, diverse meat dishes, special menu for kids. Terrace. Sea View also offers perfect desserts such as puddings, cheesecakes and tiramisu. Breakfasts here are served in any time of the day, so if you want to have oatmeal porridge and fried eggs in the evening, Terrace. Sea View is the right place for it. Alcohol menu provides a wide range of Ukrainian and foreign wines, strong drinks and diverse cocktails.
Address: 1b, Langeron beach
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La Gioconda

La Giogonda restaurant is a part of a luxury La Gioconda boutique hotel, located in a stunning seaside area of Odesa. This elegant place is a perfect choice for a tasty breakfast as well as for a calm lunch or dinner. The interior of La Gioconda impresses with sophisticated modern design, while the summer terrace delights guests with panoramic Black Sea views, beautiful sound of sea waves and tables standing in a blooming garden. This restaurant is a great place to celebrate any event, such as birthday, wedding or corporate party. La Gioconda restaurant menu offers a wide choice of authentic Odessan and European cuisine dishes. The bar provides a large assortment of different drinks and authorial cocktails from barman. La Gioconda restaurant working hours are 24/7, so guests are welcome here at any time.
Address: 2, Lermontovskiy lane

Maristella restaurant, which is a part of Maristella Marine Residence hotel, is known as one of the best banquet halls in Odesa. Here clients can enjoy high cuisine, beautiful authorial interior design, great service and panoramic Black Sea view. Maristella restaurant has everything required for holding any type of event. It can be a friends meeting or a business lunch as well as a posh wedding ceremony. Maristella summer terrace capacity is 350 people. The restaurant menu offers best meals of European, Japanese, Ukrainian and local Odessan cuisine along with authorial dishes from chef. Guests are offered cold table, grill-, barbeque-, and dessert menus, seafood, tasty meat and fowl, sushi, confectionary and a plenty of worthy drinks. Decorative design and stylish serving of dishes are an integral part of Maristella culinary surprises.
Address: 2a, Krasnykh Zor` street
Gogol U Moria

Gogol U Moria (Gogol by the sea) is a seaside variant of well-known Gogol-Mogol cafй. Homely coziness and ironical art eclecticism are the main characteristics of Gogol U Moria design. Here guests are welcome to enjoy picturesque sea view, relaxing sound of waves, fishing attributes and beach atmosphere, which all together create typical Odessan spirit. In summertime, Gogol U Moria turns into an open-air venue for holding different concerts and parties. Gogol U Moria administration tells that the restaurant chef always starts his morning with fishing, which is the reason why menu always includes dishes made of the freshest fish. Guests should surely order meals with fish and seafood, especially tasty fish soup. The drinks menu offers cherry and lemon liquors, which are definitely worth trying.
Address: 2, Naberezhna street
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Prichal No 1

Prichal No 1 (Mooring No 1) is a nice two-storey restaurant, located on the famous Langeron beach. The second floor of the restaurant is a beautiful summer terrace with a pleasant beach view. Interior design of Prichal No 1 keeps to calm warm colors, creating a homely atmosphere. The first floor of Prichal No 1 includes kids` zone, where children can play learning games. The food menu provides all kinds of European cuisine snacks, main courses and desserts, tasty breakfasts and special offers for kids. Guests should surely try pike caviar, rabbit meat and pork fillet medallions. The drinks list includes liquors, beers, strong drinks and also tasty coffee and lemonade.
Address: 6, Langeron beach
Enjoy delicious food and spectacular sea views in the best panoramic restaurants of Odesa.
Photo source:, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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