Best Ukrainian Pastry Shops, the Finalists of SALT Restaurant Award

Best Ukrainian Pastry Shops, the Finalists of SALT Restaurant Award

SALT Restaurant Awards is an annual meeting and award ceremony for the best restaurants of Ukraine. In 2017 10 pastry shops from all over Ukraine became the finalists of the SALT Restaurant Awards in the «Best Pasty Shop» nomination. The winner will be announced shortly, but for now we have the list of 10 best confectionaries in Ukraine.

Come into this cozy patisserie and enjoy exquisite pastries, cakes, desserts and phenomenal ice cream. The friendly English speaking staff is always willing to offer advice and guide you to the right choice. It’s a real paradise for dessert fans. The ice cream is produced from natural ingredients only. The menu offers vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, caramel, mango, strawberry flavors. There are also various sorbets on the offer: strawberry, raspberry, mixed berries, lemon and exotic fruits flavors. 
Honey’s signature desserts are very popular among visitors. These are sea buckthorn sorbet with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sponge cake and Swiss merengue and raspberry sorbet with calamondin ice cream as well as pistachio sponge cake. 
Address: 19/21 Nizhny Val St, Kyiv; 20, Yaroslaviv Val, Kyiv. 

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The Cake
Located in the Kyiv downtown, The Cake is a fairly neutral modern backdrop to some colorful swag and yummy eats that make up the brand-new restaurant. The Cake is spacious and warm, its interior has a lot of wood and bright colors which are combined with the good service.
Your sweet tooth will follow its calling and come right to this place for some cakes, éclairs and, of course, classic macarons. All these are prepared meeting all the possible rules and using the right ingredients.
Address: 5, Velyka Vasylkivska street, Kyiv.

the cake

Bassano Dolceteka
Bassano Dolceteka pastry shop is eager to make big city life sweeter. Desserts are cafe style that fit each and every visitor who come whether to check out what's good in the area or drop in for a piece of cake. Here each dessert is marked with coefficient of sweetness and lightness. The pastry shop has its own bakery to present the freshest croissants and other baked goods to gorge on. Hand-made vanilla ice cream, walnut chocolate, strawberry zephyr and other knockout sweets are on the displays of the venue. Besides pastries, salads, soups, sandwiches and a few main courses are on offer in the restaurant as well.
Average bill: UAH 200
Address: 8 /14 Velyka Zhytomyrska Street 


Milk Bar
Book a table at Milk Bar and enjoy the concept of modern American food, in the good sense of it. A tiffany colored terrace with a bench to observe the crowd while drinking your coffee is an ideal setting for breakfast or lunch, a take-away window for the desserts that can really blow your mind, new cocktails for each occasion – these are the features of Milk bar in Kyiv.
Address: 1, Shota Rustaveli street, Kyiv

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Lvivska Tsukiernia
In Lvivska Tsukiernia guests meet the divine mix of different pastry traditions — Austrian, Polish, Hungarian, Jewish, Czech, Italian, and Ukrainian, all of them with a slight scent of the Middle East at roots. The perfection had been polished during centuries, and delicious pastry emerged when elegance and luxury of restaurants set the pace for even more than modest way of life. Tsukiernia is one of the oldest pastry shops and confectioneries in Lviv and is famous for its sensational cakes and baked goods. For many years Lvivska Tsukiernia has baked holiday specialties for its customers — pampukhs for Christmas and paskas for Easter.
Address: 3, Staroievreiska Street, Lviv.
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Veronika is the oldest and probably the most-known city confectionery. Sweets made by old Austrian-Hungarian recipes are really delicious. You won’t find any other confectionary in Lviv with such a wide selection of candies, biscuits and cakes. Its central location and iconic status makes Veronika top destination for the well-groomed local crowd as well as numerous travelers looking for the best desserts in Lviv.

Address: 21, Shevchenko avenue, Lviv.


Celebrating the European tradition of café culture and as the only café fronting Lviv’s vibrant residential area of the western part of the city, by day, Shoco offers the finest pastries and patisseries, chocolates and pralines, breakfasts, light lunches, afternoon tea and wide variety of coffee specialties and hot drinks. Delight in over-the-top varieties of classic childhood desserts as well as their signature desserts Shoco Bakery in Lviv entices visitors into its cozy atmosphere with a rotating selection of delectable desserts made in house daily, in addition to heaping milkshakes, specialty coffees and hot beverages.

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«Make My Cake» from Odesa, Blackberry from Kharkiv and Take The Cake from Ivano Frankivsk are also among 10 best confectionaries in Ukraine and SALT Restaurant Awards finalists in the nomination «Best Pasty Shop».
Salt Restaurant Awards was founded in 2013 by Hoteliero and Restaurateurs Club and quickly became the main event of the year for the professional restaurant community of Ukraine. SALT Restaurant Awards are given to restaurants which have been selected by professional experts of the Awards and evaluated by independent international jury board. The annual award will highlight and evaluate the best restaurants in the country and will help them receive public recognition. The award for winners, SALT frying pan, is a symbol of quality of Ukrainian restaurants.

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Image source:, Facebook profiles of businesses mentioned in the article. 

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