Bowls: New Fine Dining Trend

Bowls: New Fine Dining Trend

If you have ever been tempted to grab the nearest kitchenware and put half of the products in your fridge there, you might as well call yourself an inventor of bowls. Luckily, restaurants and cafes in Ukraine recognize importance of nourishing, healthy food — that's why, for instance, bowls with fruits, granola and berries are so popular. They aren't the only option, though. Let's see where you can try them in Ukraine.

To put shortly, it's all in the name — bowl is a dish, often made of granola, fruits and yogurt, served in a deep bowl. It is quite nourishing as one can put many ingredients in a deep dish, and incredibly healthy as well, because food components like protein, carbs and vitamins are nicely balanced. Another point in favor of bowls is that most restaurants and cafes serve them all day long, so it's convenient to eat out as breakfast, drop by for lunch on the work break or brunch with friends. Now, let's see where you can try bowls in Kyiv and Lviv.
Tsvetochnaya Lavka

Tsvetochnaya Lavka, means "Flower stall" in Russian, but the place doesn't sell flowers. Instead, here guests can satisfy themselves with breakfasts and soups served in deep bowls — for maximum amount and variety of ingredients. The menu is divided into morning bowls, for instance, with omelette and mango, side bowls, like seabass ceviche with citrus and lemongrass, bowls with soups and salads — here café offers flavors like salmon and poached egg. 'Main' bowls replace main dishes here — chicken with roast potato, pork with purée and lime. Apart from this, you can order simple pancakes and cocktails.
Address: 13/42, Saksahanskoho street
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This café located in the downtown is known among locals for delicious donuts with various fillings and so called 'overshakes' — a milk shake with all imaginable toppings from waffles and biscuits to jellies and marshmallows, which nearly flow from the glass. Apart from donuts and overshakes, Blimey offers an assortment of bowls, mostly with granola, yogurt and delicious addings to top it. For instance, there are tips to try Fiesta choco bowl — it is based on mascarpone cheese, yogurt and pistachio pasta, which is covered with crispy granola, chocolate drops and hazelnuts, and sprinkled with coconut flakes.
Address: 5, Lva Tolstoho street
Milk Bar

This cozy café located on Shota Rustaveli street instantly catches the eye with its bright décor. Milk Bar, as the name suggests, sells various dishes based or made of, apart from other things, milk — which is good news for sweet tooth. Café is known for incredibly delicious and healthy cakes, desserts and breakfasts. Naturally, bowls is a trend that hasn't escaped Milk Bar — granola bowl with home-made yoghurt, chia, banana, kiwi and blueberry jam is one of the most popular picks for breakfast and lunch. Besides, café offers a variety of nourishing drinks to accompany bowls — like lavander chai latte.
Address: 16, Shota Rustaveli street
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Kitaika is a good option for those who aren't tempted with fruits and granola, or simply has tried every sweet option already. The place lures in lovers of Chinese cuisine, and that's exactly what you can find in the menu: sweet-and-sour sauce chicken, tom yum soup, salads and noodles. The latter is especially popular — glass noodle with shrimp and squid sprinkled with sesame seeds is among the hottest picks. Hint: if you can’t handle the spice well, order milk from the beverages, it neutralizes the burn.
Address: 16, Zolotoustivska street; 8, Raisy Okipnoi street

Аґрус / Agrus

This cozy confectionery-café is a paradise for vegans and vegetarians in Lviv. Menu here is dabbed with stickers that help to choose the relevant food – for vegans, vegetarians, raw food eaters, and those who want none or low gluten in their dish. Five types of vegetable milk — sesame, almond, sunflower, hazelnut and coconut — are produced in-house without preservatives, stabilizers and sweeteners. One can find smoothie bowls with berries; spinach and chocolate are among the most popular positions in the breakfast menu.
Address: 12, Kindrata Ryleyeva street
Green art café

One more spot perfect for vegetarians, and actually one of the most visited vegetarian places in Lviv. Green art is especially beloved for its breakfast options, among which one can find a grand Alpa Chia bowl of green buckwheat, almond cereals, honey, banana, berries and fruits. Other menu options include corn soup, tofu salad, hummus with crackers, as well as falafel served with couscous and vegetarian burgers. 
Address: 5, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street
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Whether or not you are fond of healthy food, it is nice to detox once in a while, and bowls in their variety are a perfect pick for this purpose.

Photo source: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.


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