Café Cabinet: the Reincarnation of the Iconic Lviv Coffeeshop

Café Cabinet: the Reincarnation of the Iconic Lviv Coffeeshop

Cabinet used to be one of the most popular coffee-shops in Lviv. It gathered a funny crowd of local bohemia, politicians, artists, tourists and coffee enthusiasts. However, this place was shut down for the unknown reason around 3 years ago and has been re-opened just a few months ago.

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These days Lviv has what seems like the endless number of cafes, coffee-shops, bakeries, confectionaries etc, but Cabinet was among first European style cafés that popped up in Lviv after the Soviet-era austerity. Locals loved Cabinet. It was constantly crowded regardless the day of the week or time of the day. Located in the heart of the city and neighboring governmental buildings, Cabinet was frequented by local politicians, clerks, tourists (who didn’t come in crowds back in the days as it is now) and people whose passion was a well brewed high quality coffee and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy it. The interior seems like nothing special, however the place felt very comfortable and welcoming. It was unexpectedly shot down to the greatest disappointment of all the loyal regulars.
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After the major reconstruction, Café Cabinet opened its door again a few months ago. Its new appearance and re-branding concept caused some stir among Leopolitans. Some steamed discussions mainly concerned the new interior design which appeared to have nothing to do with the previous look of the cafe. Many called it kitsch, others complained about the lack of the authentic atmosphere. Anyway, these days Café Cabinet gladly greets its new guests with whimsical desserts and fresh coffee.
Café Cabinet offers high-style interior with old-school bookish charm. Not surprisingly, there are books everywhere. While this venue isn't super serious about its bookish background, it's definitely a place where any bibliophile would definitely feel at home. 


All the furniture and interior design items at Café Cabinet were made by Ukrainian furniture brands and local artists. Celebrating the European tradition of café culture, Cabinet offers the finest pastries and patisseries, chocolates and pralines, breakfasts, light lunches, afternoon tea and wide variety of coffee specialities and hot drinks. Guests can enjoy intricate confections prepared by skilled pastry chefs. The list of pretty deserts demand closer inspection: mouthwatering eclairs, freshly baked croissants, whimsical desserts with seasonal fruit feelings are just some of Cabinet’s chefs’ vast repertoire.


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If you are looking for a cozy place in Lviv to enjoy a cup fragrant coffee and delicious dessert in between of all the sightseeing, Café Cabinet is definitely a worthy option.
Address: 12, Vynnychenka street, Lviv.
Photo source: Cabinet Lviv Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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