Cafes in Kiev Where You Can Meet Cats

Cafes in Kiev Where You Can Meet Cats

Photo:‘Beware of people who don’t like cats’, says the Irish proverb. Well, if you think it makes sense then you should visit the next places in Kiev not only for cozy atmosphere, delicious meals and amazing coffee, but also because they truly adore cats.


Photo: Harms Official Facebook page
From the first sight harms seems to be one of many coffee places in Kiev. Though coffee varieties and a plenty of ways of its preparation are impressive, Harms is a creative space, on the first place. Its bookstore offers a range of carefully selected literature on arts, philosophy, science, as well as albums and gift editions that cannot be found in ordinary bookstores and large supermarkets. In addition to books, Harms also hosts public lectures and sells vinyl records with a cute bonus: you can listen to them on the player right here. Not to forget! It is worth mentioning that the place has its own fluffy guardian - cat Elliot, who is always there to welcome the guests.
Address: 45-A Volodymyrska str., Kiev


Photo: Mamakota Official Facebook page
The menu of a new place Mamakota (Cat’s Mom) is very familiar and surprisingly new at the same time. There are a lot of meat and fish in an interesting fusion submission: classic steaks and traditional Mexican sandwiches, lots of choices of raw meat and fresh interpretation of Ukrainian cuisine.
However, the thing that won’t let you forget this place are the cats. There are 27 paintings with images of humanized cats in ancient costumes, with books and notes on the legs and animals representing famous personalities are hung on the walls with a mosaics density. The rest of the cats in the forms of cushions scattered on the sofas and chairs of the restaurant. Surely, the cats are the spirit of the place!
Address: 4 Volodymyrska str., Kiev


Pantagruel osteria (a popular place for dining and drinking), named after the main character of the novels by François Rabelais, is a well-known and beloved restaurant in Kiev. However, its fame spreads not only at tasty Italian meals and good wine card, but also at a monument in front of Pantagruel. It is dedicated to the cat named Panteleimon or just Pontusha that used to live in the restaurant and died during fire that occurred there. The monument was established on voluntary donations of Kiev citizens, who decided to honor the memory of Panteleimon. Today this monument is one of the most eccentric and popular sites in Kiev.
Address: 1 Lysenka str., Kiev


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