Cafes of Lviv Spirit in Kyiv

Cafes of Lviv Spirit in Kyiv

A city known for its magnificent architecture, coffee culture and unique spirit, Lviv attracts millions of tourists each year. In fact, the famous ‘spirit’ of Lviv leaves such a strong impression that people seek for it again and again, visiting the City of Lions each season. Destinations gathered together the list of top-5 cafes for those who want to discover bits of Lviv in the capital of Ukraine.

Золотий Дукат / Golden Ducat

One of the most popular coffee shop chains in Lviv, it was first opened at the beginning of millennium and started promptly spreading on the territory of Ukraine. Golden Ducat café in Kyiv is located in the downtown, not far from the Khreshchatyk metro station. The place boasts of unique coffee brewed according to Galician traditions, as well as the cozy vibes of Lviv coffee shops. Here visitors will find 40 blends of coffee, including place’s specials. The famous Чоколяда — Lviv hot chocolate — is one of the most popular picks, by the way, internationally certified. As for the desserts, classical Galician strudel with apples nicely tops any drink from the menu.
Address: 16, Instytutsʹka street
Львівська Майстерня Шоколаду / Lviv Handmade Chocolate
Probably the most well known Lviv fine dining spot chain in Kyiv, this place is certainly worth mentioning. The name suggests that this café is a true paradise for sweet tooth: making chocolate sweets is indeed taken to a new level here. Guests can easily find sweets up to their taste: from dark and bitter to sweet white chocolate base, made of the best Belgium chocolate, with additional flavors like nuts and fruits, and special offers like marzipan and truffles. Dessert section lures in with various cakes and place’s specials: for instance, Quark — a dessert made of cottage cheese jelly with chocolate or cherry jam topping.
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In summer the cold cocktail menu is especially popular, while in other seasons visitors tend to choose the classics — delicious hot chocolate. The Lviv Classic hot chocolate with cinnamon, cloves, syrup and amaretto is an especially popular pick.
Address: 36/16, Tarasa Shevchenko boulevard; 2B, Andriivs'kyi descent; 45, Antonovycha street; 6A, Lobanovskyi Avenue; EpicentrK and New Way shopping malls
Львівські Пляцки / Lvivski Pliatsky
Located right near the Kontraktova Ploscha metro station, this café’s window regularly catches curious eyes of passers-by and those who wait for their friends to arrive: inside masters of bakery make various delicious delights. ‘Pliatsky’ itself is a word popular in Lviv that means pastry, and that’s exactly what the café is known for: a broad range of classic Galician strudels, with sweet flavors like apple, pears, cherries and nuts and savory flavors like chicken, mushrooms and ham. Traditional Ukrainian dish, syrnyky, is also available here. To finish the lunch with all-Ukrainian picks, many visitors choose uzvar — sweet beverage made of fruits, usually apples, pears, and cherries, topped with raisins.
Address: 5, Spaska street, the Kontraktova Ploscha metro station; 10, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho street; 22, Saksahanskoho streetEpicentrK shopping mall
Вероніка / Veronika confectionery
Café Veronika in Lviv’s downtown is known among locals and tourists since its opening in 2001 — luckily, the cozy confectionery now found its place in Kyiv as well. The café offers a full range of delicious pastries starting from various buns and cakes, to homemade marmalade and chocolate sweet sets. The latter is especially popular as a gift for friends and family, as the taste and form make up a masterpiece. Veronika café also accepts orders for custom-made cakes for various occasions.
Address: 1E, Mykoly Bazhana avenue, Appetite Shopping mall
П'яна Вишня / Drunk Cherry
Last but not least, the spice of the list – Drunk Cherry is a bar located in the heart of Kyiv that offers a classic alcoholic beverage of Western Ukraine. For the first-timers, nalyvka is a homemade liquor made of herbal mixtures and natural sweet additions. The place’s special, as the name suggests, is a cherry nalyvka, made according to a secret Lviv recipe. In total, the bar serves about 40 flavors of the delicious drink. To name but a few, classical Medovukha with honey, Khrinovukha with horseradish, exotic mango and pineapple nalyvkas, as well as intriguing mixes — strawberry and orange, raspberries and pepper, and apples with cinnamon.
Address: 21, Khreschatyk street
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Photo source: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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