Call Me Cacao! Cafe in Kiev

Call Me Cacao! Cafe in Kiev

Photo: Call Me Cacao! Official Facebook pageOpened more than a year ago, mono-kiosk with real boiled cocoa drink, which has grown into a full Call Me Cacao! Café in Kiev, located in the romantic Podil district.

Different metal tubes of different shapes and white tiles on the walls, a lot of lightwood, wool, cotton, porcelain and ceramics – Call Me Cacao!’s interior can be characterized as ethno-industrial. This is a hint of South American roots of the cocoa beans. The windows here are huge with a more than a meter wide sill with a warm woolen carpet from the Carpathians.

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Photo: Call Me Cacao! Official Facebook page
Call Me Cacao! Serves real coca drink that is cooked for more than an hour. It is felt a lot: coca has a strong taste and melted structure. Only red cocoa powder is used as the base for the drink and no sugar is added: all variations of coca here are not initially sweet. Call Me Cacao! offers many options of the drink to choose from: original mixture of spices with orange peel, lemon and grapefruit, cream and nuts, cereal with honey, coconut milk, ginger, honey and chili pepper.

Photos: Call Me Cacao! Official Facebook page
13 cocoa tastes are duplicated for the hot chocolate that is made by melting chocolate in boiling milk. Its taste is very similar to cocoa, but with a bit of sweetness. As a special surprise for vegans, there is cocoa prepared on water. In addition to cocoa, Call Me Cacao! Serve recognizable Baker Street Bakery pastries: American cookies, eclairs, brownies and savory quiches.

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Step by Call Me Cacao! Café in Kiev and enjoy a cozy cup of cocoa drink!
Address: 35 Nyzhniy Val str., Kiev

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