Carnivora Grill Bar & Shop in Kyiv

Carnivora Grill Bar & Shop in Kyiv

In the end of May 2018, new Carnivora grill bar will be opened in historical Podil district in Kyiv. Carnivora brand is already well-known for its two gastro shops & bars in the capital, offering visitors the choicest meat from Ukrainian farmers and delicious self-cooked dishes. The freshly-opened Carnivora spot will delight guests with all these attractive options along with the most recent innovation – fully featured grill bar. A coal-fired barbecue grill with frying meat will be installed right in the hall!

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Carnivora is the first meat shop in Kyiv, where clients are offered not just to buy meat, but also to get freshly cooked meat dishes made of purchased products right at the spot. The name “Carnivora” is translated from Latin as “meat eating”, which highlights the fact that the café is focused on meat and related products. The idea of combining meat shop with café came to Dasha Veselova and Anya Bilyavska, the founders of Carnivora brand, after their journey to Europe. The girls were impressed by European meat shops and even market spots that offer to cook chosen products right on the nail. The girls decided to introduce European concept to Ukrainian audience. Their purposes are also to teach Ukrainians to consume meat correctly and to prove that high-quality products may be offered for reasonable prices.
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Two Carnivora gastro shops & bars are already working in Ukrainian capital (addresses below). They offer meat for any taste: beef, veal, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, duck and rabbit. The shops surprise with big refrigerant room with meat, visible for clients from café`s hall. Each visitor can watch the process of meat processing and make sure that all products are fresh. Gastro shops offer wide range of fresh meat, sausages, sauces and marinades. On a client`s request, employees of Carnivora can cut meat into pieces, pickle or mince it.
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While waiting for your order, you can have a good time in Carnivora café hall, tasting delicious meat dishes with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The menu, that unites European and Ukrainian culinary traditions, includes such appetizing options as cakes and pancakes with meat, soups, burgers, bruschetta, roast beef, baked ham, rilletes, black pudding, corned meat, paste, bacon, headcheese, different kinds of salo and other meat delicacies. Along with meat dishes, you can order freshly baked bread, pickled products, olives, sunflower oil, spices. All options of the menu can be served at the spot or to-go.
By the way, the third gastro spot of Carnivora network will please visitors not just with grill bar, but also with the new product – kebab. The café invites everyone to taste the most delicious meat dishes in relaxed atmosphere in the end of spring 2018. Welcome!
84, Sichovykh Strilciv street
45, Vyshgorodska street (Park City residential complex)
Nyzhniy Val 13b (new café)
Photo source: Carnivora Grill Bar Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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