Casa Nori Venetian Cuisine Restaurant in Kyiv

Casa Nori Venetian Cuisine Restaurant in Kyiv

Casa Nori is another welcome addition to Italian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv. However, this is the only place in the capital of Ukraine to savor authentic northern Italian or Veneto cuisine with dishes cooked by 200-year family recipes by chef Andrea Nori.

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Casa Nori, which means «Nori’s Home» in Italian, is a charming restaurant with simple cozy and home atmosphere. Andrea Notice, the owner of the place, is also a chef, who creates sumptuous and delicious food his mother and grandmother used to cook for him back in Italy. The restaurant is also unique as it is organized in a format of cichetteria, an authentic Venetian diner where small plates, “cichetti,” are served with different kinds of wines.
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The interior of the place is laconic, yet somehow it exudes Italian elegance and charm. The place features pleasant earth color palette, natural wood items and beautiful statement lamps with Venetian glass details. Second floor offers to discover the process of cooking through the open kitchen.

The menu offers a great array of Veneto cichetti and Italian wines, which go perfectly well with freshly prepared snacks. The restaurant offers some classic wines but also wines that are less known and from slightly more interesting regions and grape varieties. As for the cichetti, choose from Rosso shrimps, burrata, Cannoli di grana padano, black squid, Chupa Chups di fagetini, polenta «Ricetta Segreta».

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Casa Nori aslo offers kid’s menu featuring steamed vegetables, meat broth, chicken with vegetables on the side and many other healthy and delicious options.
Casa Nori is a place for a pleasant hearty meal with your friends or family, where guests will be served gourmet Veneto food and fine wines as well as will enjoy genuine Italian atmosphere and the warmest welcome.
Address: 1, Borysoglibska street, Kyiv.

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