Christmas Food Delivery from Borysov Gastrofamily

Christmas Food Delivery from Borysov Gastrofamily

If you are tired of spending hours in the kitchen and want to have a rest during crazy Christmas time, Borysov Gastrofamily has a special New Year offer for you. Just relax and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family tasting traditional festive dishes delivered by Gastrofamily’s service.

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It is possible to order a variety of traditional Christmas dishes in two restaurants – Kanapa and Barsuk. It’s a right way to save your time: everything you have to do is just to make a call. If you really like traditional Ukrainian food in its best embodiment, these restaurants can propose you really great meals.
"Barsuk” is all about comfort food and simple recipes "from childhood." You can order A La Russe salad, stuffed pike or roasted duck. Prices are very reasonable.
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Christmas menu in “Barsuk”:
- A La Russe Salad with chicken. Price: UAH 290 per kilogram
- Herring and beet salad (“Shuba” salad). Price: UAH 270 per kilogram
- Homemade ham. Price: UAH 420 per kilogram
- Stuffed pike. Price: UAH 550
- Roasted duck stuffed with apples. Price: UAH 300 per kilogram (duck weight - 1.5 - 2 kg)
- Homemade sausages. Price: UAH 420 per kilogram
- Pie with cabbage and spicy cream cheese. Price: UAH 290
- Napoleon cake. Price - UAH 450 per kilogram.
Contact for orders: +38 050 386 3629

Christmas menu in “Kanapa”:
Kanapa offers Christmas baskets for UAH 2000. The basket contains roasted duck stuffed with giblets, A La Rousse salad; aspic made of hare and pheasant, homemade pork ham, guinea fowl liver pate, "Napoleon" cake and a bottle of Ukrainian tincture.
You can order the same basket with the traditional Ukrainian kutia (traditional cereal Christmas dish) and uzvar (drink from dried fruits). It costs for UAH 2250.
There is an option to order every meal separately:
- A La Rousse Salad with beef tongue. Price: UAH 300 per kilogram
- Roasted duck stuffed with giblets. Price - UAH 599
- Aspic made of rabbit and pheasant. Price: UAH 200
- Terrine of guinea fowl and pheasant liver with a delicate carrot mousse. Price – UAH 139
- Baked pork. Price – UAH 250
- Napoleon cake. Price – UAH 400
Contact for orders: +38 068 044 3050
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