Destination place: "Kryivka" Restaurant-Kneipp in Lviv

Destination place: "Kryivka" Restaurant-Kneipp in Lviv

Any trip to Lviv would be incomplete without attending this iconic Restaurant-Kneipp. "Kryivka" (it means «the bunker» in Ukrainian) is the most visited restaurant in Europe (at least according to the information provided on the official web page) with over 1 000 000 visitors per year.  This place is dedicated and themed around Ukrainian Rebel Army (UPA) who fought for the Ukrainian independence (with both Nazi Germany and Red Army) during WW2.

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"Kryivka" Restaurant-Kneipp in Lviv is probably on top of the bucket list of many tourists visiting Lviv. Finding the place could be quite challenging, if you haven’t done a little bit of research beforehand. “Kryivka” (meaning a secret hide-out) doesn’t have any sign indicating its location. Housed in the underground of the medieval house on Rynok Square, the entrance to “Kryivka” is nothing more than an ordinary door with a peephole. However, in the evenings and on weekends you can easily spot the place by the long line of people waiting in line to visit it.
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Everything here reminds of war-era: the staff wears army clothes, there are plenty of arms around and you can use them to take pictures or even try to shoot a rifle. The food is simple, but delicious and it is served in metal plates, as if you were a soldier. The menu designed as propaganda-newspapers offers traditional borshch, varenyky, deruny as well as some weird Ukrainian traditional dishes as meter-long sausage or pork ears and noses.

Probably, the best thing about “Kryivka” is its atmosphere! It’s always full of people, who are tasting famous honey vodka (medovukha) and other homemade liquors, sing Ukrainian traditional songs and explore numerous army-themed WW2 artifacts scattered around the restaurant.


“Kryivka” is open 24/7, so you can visit it any time. Address: 14, Rynok Square, Lviv.
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Image source: Kryivka Facebook page, foursquare. All images belong to their rightful owners. 


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