Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant in Kyiv

Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant in Kyiv

Dos Amigos is a true Mexican café in the center of Kyiv, a real gift for those who want to feel the ambience of hot, vibrant and exciting Mexico. Love to Mexican cuisine and desire to present its special flavor to Ukrainian audience are the things uniting Dos Amigos team. Come to enjoy extremely delicious Mexican dishes, original Margarita and tequila and, of course, crazy Mexican parties.

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Last year, inspired by great success on well-known Ulichnaya Eda festival, Dos Amigos team decided to open a Mexican café in the heart of Podil district in Kyiv, on Mezhygirska street. When the café gained popularity among locals and foreigners, owners understood that this is the right time to open a second restaurant. The newest Dos Amigos on Saksaganskogo street in Kyiv held its opening party in September, 2017.
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Interior design of Dos Amigos is pretty simple, but colorful and authentic. Everything here will remind you of Mexico: cactuses, thematic pictures flags and other interesting details. Vivid Mexican music gives the finishing touch to Dos Amigos atmosphere.
In Dos Amigos menu, guests can find only true Mexican dishes and drinks, not customized for European taste. The restaurant works on the principle of semi-self service: clients make orders at bar counter, and then waiters bring meals to the tables, taking follow-up orders at the same time.
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Quesadilla and burrito, taco and fajitas, burgers and sandwiches, soups and salads, chicken wings and ribs… It is not easy to choose from such a wide assortment! If you come to Dos Amigos for the first time, friendly waiters are always ready to tell you everything about any dish and to help make your choice. Those who are not familiar with Mexican cuisine at all, are usually offered delicious burrito and quesadilla as examples of typical Mexican food. If you love burgers, it is highly recommended to try cowboy burger with three types of meat. Other dishes definitely worth trying include tortilla soup, chili con carne soup, chicken burger, fish & nachos, fajitas vegetables and Mexican rice.
Do not miss your chance to taste excellent taco. In Dos Amigos, chicken taco is made of grilled scone oiled with remoulade Southwestern sour cream and red cabbage, iceberg lettuce, corn, Pico de Gallo vegetable sauce and candy onions inside. The dish is served with tasty nachos.
Fajitas is served on two plates: one hot plate with wine-flavored vegetables and meat (steak or chicken) in Mexican marinade, and the second plate with scones, sauces and iceberg lettuce.
Want to try a special Mexican dessert? Order Tres leches – a tender biscuit with rum and three types of milk.
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As for drinks, guests often choose delicious spiced beer. Of course, tequila plays significant role in Dos Amigos bar menu – here you will find diverse types of this drink, including types that are rare to find in Ukrainian bars. Tequila in Dos Amigos is served with sangrita, a special drink made of juice, pepper and species. And, of course, here you will be offered the tastiest Margarita – the menu includes nine variants of this famous cocktail.
It is worth mentioning that Dos Amigos restaurants are very popular among foreigners, especially Mexicans and Americans.
Fell in love with cuisine and ambience of hot Mexico in Dos Amigos Mexican restaurant in Kyiv.
Addresses: 9, Mezhygirska street; 51/87, Saksaganskogo street
Photo source: Dos Amigos Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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