Dr. Winestein Restaurant in Kyiv

Dr. Winestein Restaurant in Kyiv

Hidden in the intertwining Podil streets, the recently opened Dr.Winestein wine restaurant has gained fame among locals for its unique setting and ambience. Called laboratory by the founders, it’s a place for experiments - finding something yet unknown to your taste.

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Atmosphere of a never-ending party is permanent at the Dr. Winestein restaurant in Kyiv. The founders call it a «laboratory», which may remind you of crazy scientists and mind-blowing experiments. This is exactly the case. Dr. Winestein, the key wine specialist of the place, is claimed to have devoted hundreds of years to his job, which is to learn and discover everything about wine. The carefully chosen variety and results of numerous experience are called the secret of genius longevity here.
winestein creme
Dishes from international cuisine, including Moldavian placinta, French cream-brulee from chicken liver are cooked by French chef. Sommelier will help to choose wine that suits the best for the item of your choice. While some restaurants choose to make Thursday a fish day, Dr. Winestein is serving Norman mussels (starting price UAH 179). 
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winestein placinta 
A delicious and nourishing business lunch, which includes first and second course meal, salad, dessert and compote for UAH 89, every day from noon to 4 p.m. Be sure to follow the restaurant’s Facebook page to know the best time for booking a table to hear live music from talented Ukrainian artists. 
Address: 34, Kostyantynivs'ka street
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