Easter Baskets by Borysov Gastrofamily

Easter Baskets by Borysov Gastrofamily

This year Borysov Gastrofamily can help with all pre-fest preparations. "Kanapa" and "Barsuk" offer to book Easter baskets with all traditional Ukrainian holiday specialties ready to serve.

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Easter 2017 is coming. In Ukraine this great festival is connected to many traditions and traditional food as well. For example, people bake Paska (Easter sweet bread made with milk, butter, eggs, flour and sugar), paint Krashanka (Easter eggs), make traditional homemade sausages and so on.People bring food in baskets to churches to get it blessed and then share it with a family and friends. If you want to feel real Ukrainian Easter, you can book a busket with traditional food in one of Borysov Gastrofamily restaurants.
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Kanapa Easter basket:
• Paska
• 3 Easter eggs (colored by onion peel)
• Pheasant and hare jelly with horseradish - 500 g
• Bakes pork - 500 g
• Homemade baked sausage - 500 g
• Guinea fowl pâté with carrot mousse, cinnamon and vanilla
• Bottle of Cahors
• A bottle of homemade hrenovuha (Ukrainian horseradish tincture).
Price: UAH 998. Telephone for the order: +38 068 044 3050
Barsuk Easter basket:
• Paska
• Easter eggs
• Homemade sausage
• Home-made baled pork
• Russian style salad (Olivier) or herring and beetroot salad - on a choice
• Hrenovuha or sea buckthorn tincture
• Horseradish - for meat dishes
• Traditional embroiled towel.
Price: UAH 789. Telephone for the order: 050 386 3629
It is better to order these baskets in advance. Let Easter be bright and joyful!


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