Fandom Coffee Bar in Kyiv: Wintertime Novelties

Fandom Coffee Bar in Kyiv: Wintertime Novelties

Fandom Coffee Bar has already acquired popularity among the public, which highly appreciates beauty, comfort and delightful European cuisine. It is a good place for a cup of coffee and lunch to fill up for the rest of your day. In the evening, Fandom welcomes lone visitors, as well as big companies to taste the bar's special cocktails.

Interior in the Fandom Coffee Bar was designed by Slava Balbek and Andrey Berezinskiy, who are representatives of the architectural agency 2B.Group (winners of the IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Global Excellence Awards). It represents fusion of traditional and modern styles. The designer team took the best from the classics and added functionality of the modern interior style.
Quality in the details
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Quality in the details — that’s what Fandom Coffee Bar is all about. Firstly, this place was designed not just for the looks, as it can seem at first, but also for the comfort of the visitors, as well as the staff. Furniture was designed for maximum usability due to the combination of several factors: sitting height, seat inclination, table height and even the level of tabletop. Soft and accent lighting does not tire the eyes at any time of the day. It would take an eternity to list each detail, but in the end it is clear that there are no odd elements in the picture.
Everything was thought to the smallest detail, skillfully drawn in 3D and brought into reality. There are several interior elements worth a special mention: for instance, a golden wave above the bar, depicting water splash, which was made by a Ukrainian sculptor; Italian marble, emerald couches fancied by the visitors; various paintings on the walls, and the “levitating” cocktail-coffee table developed by Paton Institute of Electric Welding.
Fandom Coffee Bar uses only high-quality Speciality coffee beans, while fresh roasting provides an opportunity to regulate the 'freshness' and taste. Coffee drinks here are made in three different ways using the monograde of three sorts: Nicaragua for espresso and beverages on its basis, Honduras and Guatemala for alternative coffee brewing.
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The menu fully complies with the concept of the restaurant and can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. The young chef, Vadym Tkachenko serves light and nutritious food. Healthy food is particularly relevant after the holiday season. That's why the chef recommends fresh salads, such as Avocado & Quinoa Salad (160 ₴) or Salmon Salad with a lot of greens, tomatoes and mozzarella (215 ₴). Tel Aviv hummus or Guacamole on ciabatta can serve as an appetizer.
As for the main dishes, the restaurant highly recommends Salmon Fillet, garnished with spinach and cream, and salad with the lime sauce (295 ₴). For pasta fans, the special menu section suggests Carbonara (155 ₴), Porcini mushroom Pasta (165 ₴) and Seafood Pasta (225 ₴). For those who appreciate breakfasts, the good news is here they are served "from dusk to dawn". Among a dozen options the guest can chose something light, such as Spinach Crespelle with three cheeses topping, Granola with yogurt or pumpkin puree, fruits & honey, or Cottage cheese pancakes with dried apricot.
Sweet Display
No coffee-shop can manage without the sweets. The rainbow of different deserts is present on the display: cakes, éclairs, cupcakes, macarons, freshly baked brownies, fondant and croissants.
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Bar, Winter Drinks Menu
Сhef-barista Erik already created a special winter warm-up menu for the guests: Orange Jäger based on Jägermeister liqueur, Apple Spicy Tody based on whiskey, cocoa «Bounty» based on liqueur de Crème de Cacao White, cappuccino «Spicy Amaretto», and Grog based on rum.
Fandom Coffee Bar, especially in the evening, reminds a scene from the movies: ladies in high heels, elegantly drinking Sour on velour emerald cushions, while a group of businessmen sit at the round table and drink whiskey to seal the deal. That’s how we imagine Fandom Coffee Bar - an elegant, tasty, and cheerful, just the perfect place both for couples and evening pre-party with friends. There's simply nothing left to say — it’s the right place to start and finish the day at.
Address: Kyiv, 49A, Volodymyrska Street
Phone number: +38 063 380 27 22
Working hours: workdays from 8 A.M. till 11 P.M., weekends from 9 A.M. till 2 P.M.
Photo source: Fandom Coffee Bar. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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