Fast Food at Podil in Kyiv

Fast Food at Podil in Kyiv

As one of the busiest districts in Kyiv, Podil is full of dining spots and bars for everyone to enjoy the meals or drinks at any time of the day. Till the recent time, Podil has been notoriously known for its 'fast food alley' — variety of spots with burgers, vegetarian good and falafel located near Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station. Since their removal, locals have turned their eyes to the ones that stayed. Let's see the top-5 places of fast-food at Podil.

Big Burg
big burg
Located conveniently at the final stop of the tram No. 18, as well as in 5 minutes from the Kontraktova metro station, this place gained popularity and is one of the most often visited spots at Podil. The speciality of the place is shawarma with various fillings — apart from to meat visitors can choose to have a wrap with sausages or fish. The place offers additional fillings as well: cheese, Korean carrots, mushrooms and canned corn. Apart from shawarma, people in line wait here for delicious falafel for a nice price of UAH 25.
Address: 2, Mezhyhirska street; 28/30, Vekhnii Val street
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hum hum
A soon-to-be opened fast-food spot, Hum:Hum offers a fusion of restaurant quality, simple street food serving and a cozy atmosphere. Here guests can try hummus served with freshly baked piecrusts. The owners of the place promise to include many types of hummus in the menu, as well as options for its filing. To give the idea, visitors will be able to enjoy hummus with avocado, pita with falafel and jalapeño, fresh rolls, salads, soups and traditional Ukrainian dish - syrnyky. Wine or craft beer are offered at the bar. The official opening is scheduled for February 14, but in fact the place began working on February 3 in a test mode.
Address: 13/34, Mezhyhirska street
3B Café
Beer, beef and burger are the three components that formed the concept of the place. Beloved place for lunch among the neighbouring office workers, as well a popular party spot, 3B Café offers not only a great atmosphere, but the delicious cuisine as well. Here guests will find themselves choosing among 15 different burger versions, which include simple classics like a usual beef burger, to the more creative ones – for instance, mac'n'cheese burger. Besides, the place offers steaks with variety of side dishes and sauces, salads, soups and snacks to taste with beer. One of the most popular is probably empanadas — baked Argentina-style pastries with different fillings.
Address: 23, Khoryva street
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Ranch Burger State
This healthy burger spot at Podil was opened to ruin the stereotypes about fast-food. Often people think fast equals junk food, but it's not the case here: chefs at Ranch do not use semi-processed products, artificial flavors, dyes and any other chemical additives. Buns for burgers are baked every morning in their own kitchen, while only fresh farm meat and vegetables are used for the filling. All dishes are cooked as soon as the order arrives, they are not frozen beforehand and have all the useful properties with the best nutrition values. At Ranch, menu is mostly concentrated on burgers, but visitors will also find salads, several types of cream soup, fried potatoes with freshly-made sauces and desserts.
Address: 5, Spaska street
Пирiжкова Тiтка Клара / Titka Klara's Patties

As you might guess from the name of the place, this spot on Podil specializes on patties. Here visitors will find freshly baked patties with a variety of fillings. There are tips to try the best-sellers - chicken and mushrooms, spinach and cheese and veal fillings. Apart from patties, Titka Klara also offers sausage rolls, sweet pies, cakes and croissants. Several types of pies are made from yeast-free dough. Prices are very nice: from UAH 7 to 15. In addition to beverages — coffee, tea, compotes and lemonades — guests can order hot chicken soup or one of the five salads to make up a full dinner. Everything placed on display can be wrapped up for take-away, including salads. Besides, yesterday's bakery is sold with a 50% discount. Address: 33, Nyzhnii Val street
Photo source: Facebook pages of the businesses, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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