FITY Club: Kyiv Online Healthy Foods Restaurant

FITY Club: Kyiv Online Healthy Foods Restaurant

FITY Club is a new food delivery business in Kyiv. Company’s main agenda is to provide healthy nutrition enthusiasts with instant online access to the wide variety of balanced and delicious food and to process and deliver the food order to the door step or business in a professional and timely manner.

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With a strong focus on sourcing the very best seasonal products from specialty growers and suppliers, FITY Club offers healthy and balanced menu sets with fast delivery within Kyiv. The secret of FITY Club is also in its professional team. Each team member is a genuine fan of his/her work. Chefs are constantly experimenting with ingredients and coming up with new dishes both delicious and heathy. This online restaurant’s menu is a bright example of the latest food trends and nutritiology research.
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If you need the fresh and tasty starter, shrimp salad with Mary Rose sauce is the perfect choice. For vegetarians there is a good option of quinoa salad with white mushrooms cauliflower, spinach, arugula, quinoa and nuts.
Celery cream-soup with gorgonzola cheese is very tasty. Be careful not to swallow your tongue with this creamy delicious first course.  It is nutritious, 345,8 kcal. The best thing is that the portion is of 250 grams, so it is a good combination of size and calories.
If you like fish for the main course, you will have a big choice - salmon sous-vide with carrot and zucchini tagliatelle or sea bass with carrot-mashed potatoes. White dry wine can be a good addition to the fish, which is realy soft and melting in your mouth.
For those who love meat, there are good options as well – fillet minion with green pea puree, duck breast sous-vide with apple chutney and blackberry culei or turkey sous-vide with asparagus should satisfy any taste. The food tastes delicious.
There is also a choice for kids to enjoy their healthy and tasty meal as well as the sweet-tooth can choose coconut panna cotta with berry jelly or coconat candies. It is totally safe for your body in terms of extra calories. The desserts are very light and not extremely sweet.

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FITY Club will never sacrifice quality over fast delivery. That doesn’t mean that your order will take forever to be delivered, no. The company tries its best to ship all orders within 60 minutes after placing an order. FITY Club also pays much attention to the quality of packaging the food. All the packaging is eco-friendly and guarantees the food will arrive keeping appropriate temperature and flavor.


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FITY Club web page allows its users to calculate the calories per dish and choose the most suitable menu for the whole week (to be delivered to your office for example). The English version of the web page is already launched. Customers can pay for their orders online or in cash.
Image source:, Anna Vishtak. 

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