Food and Fun at Sofiyska Square Fan Zone

Food and Fun at Sofiyska Square Fan Zone

Sofiyska square in Kyiv is one of the best places, where you can keep in touch with Eurovision 2017 song contest and to find the ways to entertain yourself until 15th of May. Every day there are live concerts on the stage of the fan-zone and high level food court.

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Instead of the usual kebabs, hot-dogs and mulled wine there are four pavilions at the food court at Sofiyska Square Fan Zone, each one representing an unusual approach to modern Ukrainian gastronomy. Everything you can imagine - from black dumplings to Сhiken Kyiv - is here for you.
Six outstanding Kyiv restaurants - Kanapa, Lyubchyk, Bessarabia, Vatra, Ostannya Barykada and Chiken Kyiv - are involved in the food court organization. Any dish costs UAH 90 (3 €). Any ice-cream is available for UAH 25 (1€). Sounds interesting? Let's have a closer look.
Kanapa restaurant offers oysters, black varenyky (dumplings) with zander, Galician potato dumplings, guinea fowl and pheasant liver pate, cherry varenyky.
The menus of Bessarabia and Lyubchyk also look nice: herring in a bun, forshmak in a waffle cone, fried gobies, fried sprat, mussels in wine sauce, rice with mussels and crawfish.
And here are some items of Chicken Kyiv menu: pulled chicken sandwich, spicy chicken wings, half a baked chicken, Chicken Kyiv.
It is worth of tasting the meat menu of Ostannya Barykada and Vatra: duck hodyvo, pork ribs with cabbage, pulled pork in a bun, corned beef in a bun, a beef chunk.
Here you can visit Ukrainian food degustations as well:
• On May 10 - quenelles, dumplings, hodyvo and wine, made by Kanapa - for 190 UAH.
• May 11 - oysters, a herring sandwich and a goby from Lyubchyk.
• On May 12 - Vatra and OB offer their meat specialties: a pork rib, a pork burger and a beer for UAH 190.
• On May 13 - Lyubchyk's offer is: 1 oyster, rice with mussels and crawfish, ice-cream and brute for UAH 190.
• And on May 14 you are invited to visit Ukrainian cheeses and wine tasting.
As a final chord - there's an exhibition of still-life painting at Sofiyska square. Unusual food photo by Mishka Bochkaryov (the photographer) and Natasha Ovramenko (food stylist) are being presented.
Enjoy your spring time in Kyiv.
Photos provided by Dmytro Borysov Gastrofamily

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