Foodpairing in BARVY Restaurant

Foodpairing in BARVY Restaurant

Foodpairing tasting dinner took place in BARVY restaurant in Kyiv on December 13th. Meals and cocktails, ingredients of which reveal and emphasize the taste of each other in the best possible way, were presented over there.

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Today, thanks to the abundance of restaurants and their offers, our tastes have become much more advanced. We are ready to "gastronomic adventures", and unexpected combinations have become the new trend. That is why foodpairing is getting more and more popular in the world and in Ukraine as well. This is a special method of selecting the ingredients, research and creation of new combinations of tastes and aromatic compositions.
BARVY chef Oleg Belous and bartender Nazar Makarov presented their unique duets of dishes and cocktails:
- Salad with roast beef and spices was served with "Kyiv Mule" cocktail with lime juice, syrup of roasted barley and galangal, TAЇNA SMILY premium vodka and ginger ale (a refreshing ginger-lime perfectly highlights the taste of meat);
- Fillet of veal in ash with corn puree and porcini mushrooms was served with "Golden Pearl" cocktail created on the basis of apple liqueur, honey wine, Suze liquor and Amaro Montenegro (the duo won the contest of foodpairing in Kyiv in 2016);
- Duck breast with baked apple and cornelian cherry was served with "Apple Pie" cocktail. The drink contains a sorbet from apples, baked in the coals, lime and orange juice, cinnamon and apple liqueur.
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After the tasting guests had a chance not only to enjoy delicious “Tiramisu” cocktail, but also to make it at the bar under the guidance of Nazar Makarov. "Tiramisu" cocktail is the embodiment of the favorite dessert: it combines almond syrup, amaretto, ristretto, cocoa and alcohol note of Finlandia vodka; foam of cream cheese was used for topping.
All presented dishes and cocktails are included in permanent BARVY restaurant menu: on request you will always be offered a drink for the meal and vise a verse.
This year the restaurant's team won the first place in the foodpairing competition among the best restaurants and bars in Kyiv. It is a good reason to visit BARVY and to try foodpairing there.
BARVY Address: 3, Mechnikov Str., Kyiv
Photo: BARVY (8), Vishtak (2)

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