Gastronomic Festivals in Lviv

Gastronomic Festivals in Lviv

Lviv may not be the gastronomic capital of Ukraine, but it is definitely the center of gastronomic events in the country. The main gastronomic festivals in Lviv, dedicated to wine, cheese, chocolate and coffee, always attract lots of visitors. Check them out, maybe you’ll want to join.

Cheese and Wine Fest

Photo: Lviv Cheese and Wine Fest Official Facebook page
Traditionally, the meeting place for the gourmets in Ukraine is the Cheese and Wine Fest. Food and wine fairs, a variety of cooking classes and art workshops are held during the three days of celebration. Cheese and Wine Fest is a good opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition of cheese and wine making in Ukraine, to visit the wine tasting, try different types of cheese and buy quality wine from the best producers in Ukraine, including small local wineries that do not distribute their wine to the mass market.
In addition, to honor the Cheesecake day, all the visitors are treated with delicious special Lviv cheesecakes, baked according to the ancient local recipe!
When: October (exact dates are the subject to confirmation each year)

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Chocolate Fest

Photo: Lviv Chocolate Fest Official Facebook Page
During the Chocolate Fest, the city of Lion plunges into the atmosphere of ‘absolute chocolate’. The festival pleasantly surprises the visitors with different chocolate tastes, interesting combinations and a variety of sweets at the Big Chocolate Fair. In addition to the ‘tasting’ part of the event, master classes from the best chocolatiers, chocolate sculptures exhibition and special entertainment for kids are held during the festival.
When: March (exact dates are the subject to confirmation each year)

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Coffee Fest

Photo: Lviv Coffee Fest Official Facebook page
Coffee in Lviv is more than just a beverage. It is art, tradition and mystery. Coffee Fest in Lviv unites people, with creating a special atmosphere for meetings with friends and family. The big world of this drink and the culture of producing and drinking it are presented here with special equipment and accessories, techniques and varieties of coffee. Each year the best Barista competition is held at the Fest to inspire young professionals for experiments, creation and improvement in their work.
When: September (exact dates are the subject to confirmation each year)

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Feel the taste of life and enjoy fabulous city of Lion with the gastronomic festivals in Lviv!

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