«Golden Rose» Jewish Restaurant in Lviv

«Golden Rose» Jewish Restaurant in Lviv

Photo: shutterstock.comExplore flavors of Jewish cuisine at «Golden Rose» - unique Jewish restaurant in Lviv. This restaurant in located in the former Jewish quarter of Lviv in the heart of the city, just next door to the Golden Rose synagogue, hence the name of the restaurant.

The location of Golden Rose Jewish restaurant in Lviv is exceptional. This Lviv’s Jewish cuisine restaurant is located on the side street of Rynok Square, away from all the hustle and bustle flooding Lviv city center.

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Photo: Golden Rose Facebook Page
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Golden Rose serves healthy dishes based on seasonal ingredients directly from the market stands in a kitchen that combines love and creativity with delicious flavors. Set in a beautiful stone house with fresco-painted ceilings and arches, the breakfast menu offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, such as a hearty veggie burger with sweet potato fries, and traditional jewish breakfasts with a vast selection of breads, jams, salads, and eggs in case you are looking for some kosher breakfast early in the morning.

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Photo: Golden Rose Facebook Page
Golden Rose’s lunch and dinner menus offer perfectly cooked meats on a hot skillets that come straight to the table in hefty proportions. The atmosphere of the restaurant is beautifully designed to invite all varieties of diners through the door, with dark undertones in the furnishings and soft, dimly lit lighting to add to the sophisticated ambience.

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Photo: Golden Rose Facebook Page
Another peculiar detail this restaurant became famous for is the absence of the bills at the end of your meal. You actually have to haggle with the waiter for the total amount you’ll pay for your meal. For those guests who don’t want to try this little tourist entertainment, the waiter will bring a conventional bill after your request.

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Photo: Golden Rose Facebook Page
The Golden Rose synagogue, which is located just behind the wall from the restaurant, was in ruins until recent time. Destroyed during World War II, Golden Rose synagogue was considered to be one of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe. Now the whole area is undergoing a major reconstruction.
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Duck out of the bustle into Golden Rose Jewish cuisine restaurant, a perfect microcosm of the Lviv multi-cultural vibrancy. Delight in a variety of experiences encompassing tastes, smells, sights and sounds. Golden Rose is a true taste of Galician take on Jewish cuisine.
Address: 37, Staroyevreyska street, Lviv.

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