Guramma Italiana Restaurant in Kyiv

Guramma Italiana Restaurant in Kyiv

Last winter Kyiv welcomed one more restaurant with a panoramic view of the Dnipro River — Guramma Italiana. The fine dining spot is already called the most authentic Italian place in the city, which offers 5 types of pasta, a real pizza from the oven and much more from the chef Roberto D’Ottavio, who has worked in two Michelin-starred restaurants.

The first noticeable thing about Guramma Italiana, is, without doubts, its incredible location on Dniprovs'kyi descent, overlooking panorama of the Dnipro. The restaurant has 150 seats, located both inside the venue and on a terrace to enjoy the light breeze. Besides, live Italian music fills the restaurant’s halls on weekends. Another quirk of the place is staff — all waiters here are called Francesco, and waitresses are all Claudia. They give visitors a business card with their phone number for the quick access.
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Photo: chef Roberto D’Ottavio
The memorable member of Guramma Italiana responsible for the festive mood and delicious authentic cuisine is chef Roberto D’Ottavio, who now integrates his broad experience in Ukraine. Always polite and lively, he often walks out in the halls to greet and make small talk with the visitors.
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The cuisine at Guramma Italiana is authentic head to toe, starting from the ingredients like cheese, flour, and truffles that are brought straight from Italy to the customary open kitchen, where the chef’s team make a show out of preparing dishes.
One more authentic element in the restaurant is a large oven, where the skillful staff makes the real Italian pizza. There are tips to try pizza with Scamorza cheese, prosciutto, and zucchini. Those who prefer spicy picks might be interested in a classic Diavola with the prime Piccante salami. Apart from pizza, the menu boasts of other Italian classics: more than 10 types of pasta and risotto, Carpaccio, Bruschettas, and truffles. Each week a new special from Chef appears on the menu.
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Seafood takes up a large part in the restaurant’s life as well: visitors can pick their preferred dish from an open display case with various types of seafood from octopi and squid to lobsters and tiger shrimps. Besides, there’s a special offer for oysters on weekends: UAH 600 for a dozen.
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As for the drinks, Guramma Italiana boasts of the wine cellar with numerous Italian wines, including the exclusive homemade wine. Apart from Italian picks, Bordeaux is also properly represented here. At the moment the restaurant’s sommeliers are working on the new summer wine map, which will concentrate on sparkling wines.
Address: 1, Dniprovs'kyi descent
Photo sources: Guramma Italiana Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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