Healthy and Vegan Sweets in Kyiv

Healthy and Vegan Sweets in Kyiv

Nowadays information about food qualities, as well as numerous research papers is available in nearly every language. Each day scientists find new properties of the well-known products and bakers, in their turn, find healthy alternatives for many components. Kyiv culinary scene also has much to offer: from delicious sugar-free cakes and chia puddings to mooncakes and classic brownies made of 100% cocoa.


'You don't have to be a vegan to appreciate these awesome cupcakes' says one of the reviews on the bakery's Facebook page. Indeed, pastry by OneBite is made without using milk, eggs and butter. The bakery accepts orders for custom sets of cupcakes and produces cakes, including wedding ones. Clients can choose a theme to decorate the delicious sweets, for instance marine life or cartoon characters. Various berries, cookies and sprinkles are the most frequent topping here. The orders are taken via Facebook or in the shop located in Kyiv.
Address: 5, Kosmichna Street
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Veterano Brownie
veterano 1
Projects founded by Ukrainian ATO vets quickly gain popularity in Ukraine. One of them, Veterano Brownie, follows the loud success of Veterano Pizza and Veterano Cab service in Kyiv. Classic dessert made by a Ukrainian couple has no artificial flavors or flavor enhancers. Based on 100% cocoa powder, Veterano Brownie offers an array of unusual flavors: Dorblu cheese and cherry, cinnamon and pear, walnut, hazelnut and banana. The couple promises to open their own bakery this autumn.
Address: pastries can be found in Pizza VeteranoFirst Point, Coffee in Action/Domino
yaro 1
Yaro delivery service is popular with Kyiv vegetarians: all dishes are based on plant products without any conservatives, artificial flavors, lactose and sugar. Instead, the sweetness is reached thanks to the abundance of fruits, berries and honey. The largest flavor range is available in puddings: chia seeds accompanied by carob, mango, banana and strawberry. The desserts are labeled according to their properties from gluten free to rich on protein. Vegans and raw eaters will rejoice in the assortment of desserts: salted caramel cakes with nuts, vegan Twix and chocolate are just one of the few healthy options here. Besides, Yaro produces smoothies, sweet puree, nut butter and organic milk.
Address: 100, Velyka Vasylkivska Street
Sugar Free Bakery
The bakery's name speaks for itself: instead of sugar, this Kyiv bakery uses stevia, also called candy leaves. The herb is not only a good alternative to sugar but also helps to lower cholesterol, improves the work of digestive system, liver and pancreas. The product range in Sugar Free Bakery goes from various types of cookies to muffins, cakes and éclairs. There are tips to try a fusion of the classic French dessert with the traditional Japanese flavor - matcha. Lavender and blueberry muffin is another hot pick made by the bakery. The trendy granola with apples, pears, chocolate and pumpkin is also available here.
Address: 24/7, Instytutsʹka Street
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PapaDoci follows the trends of Pan-Asian cuisine and introduces mooncakes to Kyiv culinary scene. These round cakes are made of bean paste, flavored by lotus, various fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and oils. The bakery divided pastries into two groups: classical Asian flavors like lotus, yolk and shiitake and European flavors, for instance nuts, chocolate and fruits. Vegans and diabetics are offered a special mooncake recipe based on stevia instead of sugar. The unusual dessert can be bought via PapaDoci Facebook page, website or in the Mooncake & Coffee Cafe in Kyiv.
Address: 116, Antonovycha Street
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Sure enough, the most visited vegan spot in Kyiv downtown offers healthy desserts and sweets as well. Tri: bases their menu exclusively on seasonal products, so occasionally cafe surprises its visitors with new recipes. Up to day, lovers of healthy desserts can enjoy simple treats like dried fruits - figs, dried apricots, prunes - in chocolate or more exquisite picks like walnut crème brûlée, ice cream with matcha powder or cheesecakes. Besides, there is a 'cake of the day' option for those who want to discover it all. Raw and vegetarian dishes are marked accordingly in the menu.
Address: 15/3, Honchara Street
Київське Сухе Варення / Kyiv Dried Jam
Finally, a sweet product brand that often appears on various food festivals, Київське Сухе Варення, in fact, revives the old Kyiv tradition. Candied fruit and vegetables were once one of the most popular city treats, beloved not only by locals but by Duke of Montpensier as well. The recipe was restored from the 1861 book and now Ukrainians can find out what was so special about this treat. The array of flavors includes classic apples, oranges, pears, as well as more unusual rhubarb, carrot, beetroot and lemon. The treats can be bought on the Київське Сухе Варення website, at EcoClub stores and Novus supermarket.
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Photo sources:,, Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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