Healthy Food Kyiv Cafes to Visit This Summer

Healthy Food Kyiv Cafes to Visit This Summer

As usual, summer in Ukraine promises long periods of intense heat that often cause appetite loss even in the healthiest people. That’s why many diet specialists claim that switching for a lighter diet, full of greens and refreshments is an optimal option for summer. Contrary to the popular belief, healthy food and vegetarian dishes aren’t bland or boring — and various Kyiv cafes are ready to prove it right.


The cafe's concept is as simple as its name: quick service of a new generation with only fresh food. The cafe's chefs use simple recipes to cook natural ingredients like steamed vegetables and fruits, served with homemade sauces and fresh spices. No additives and preservatives are used in any of the cafe's products. The menu is updated each month to include seasonal fruits and vegetables in different combinations. The latest specials include vegetable spring rolls with nut sauce, quinoa with baked fish and spinach and cold tomato soup with cucumber, onion, garlic and Bulgarian pepper. Vegetarian options are marked on the menu. Besides, a 10% discount works on all positions on the menu from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M. on weekdays.
Address: 102, Saksahanskoho Street
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Ayurveda cafe
An ancient system of Indian herbal medicine consists of numerous directions, including acupressure, massage therapy, and, of course, a special diet. The dishes cooked according to the Ayurvedic practice follow a few simple rules: only natural components, no animal products and serving only freshly-cooked food. The components and ingredients are carefully balanced to nourish the body and restore energy levels.
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Ayurveda located not far from the National Circus of Ukraine works as a buffet and often attracts workers from neighboring offices because of the reasonable price list. One of the most popular picks on the menu is kofta curry made of tomato sauce, cauliflower and Indian Paneer cheese. Traditional Indian baked pastry samosa is available here as well. Those who suffer from tachycardia or have hypersensitivity to caffeine will appreciate caffeine-free coffee based on chicory roots, served plain or with milk.
Address: 39, Dmytrivska Street
Local vegetarians and vegans have long noted Orang+Utan cafe located in the downtown. The two spots introduce a variety of unusual fillings you won't find anywhere else to ruin the stereotype that healthy food is boring. The menu consists of sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts and smoothies that can be easily taken to-go. The bar staff patiently explains the origin and flavors of all unfamiliar elements. Familiar to many tofu, falafel and Paneer cheese have found their rightful place among the fillings of sandwiches. There are tips to try hemp + coconut smoothie to top the popular culinary trend of the year - hummus.
Address: 72, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street; 16/108, Symona Petlyury Street
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Tri: restaurant is a downtown haven for vegetarians, vegans and raw eaters - a wide array of dishes from salads to quiches will satisfy even the most exquisite tastes. The chefs don't use white flour, fish, eggs, yeast, sugar and milk except for Italian organic certified cheeses that are included in some dishes. To name but a few options, buckwheat cheese tart with chia seeds, classic Ukrainian borsch and quesadilla with cheese and spinach are among the hot takes. Lovers of healthy breakfast can enjoy the delicious meal daily from 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. A business lunch offer is available from noon to energize the workers before the long day.
Address: 15/3, Olesia Honchara Street
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Delicious Danish smørrebrød is brought to Kyiv culinary scene by Sumasbrod, hidden among the busy stalls in Besarabsky Market. The cafe has become fully vegan since 2017 and updated their menu: now visitors can try a vegan ramen, sandwiches with tofu and vegan sausages, hummus, large pitas and raw soups. All positions on the menu are gluten-free. Sumasbrod also has a lunch option 'soup of the day' from a classic tomato soup to squash coconut soup. Traditional Western Ukrainian dish Banush with brynza cheese is available here as well.
Address: 2, Besarabska Square
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