Indonesian Social Kitchen in Kyiv

Indonesian Social Kitchen in Kyiv

The long-lasting trend of Pan-Asian cuisine stays strong in the capital of Ukraine. During the recent years, dozens of spots with Chinese, Vietnamese and Fusion cuisine appeared on both banks of the city. In 2018 there are no signs of the trend’s dying down – on the contrary, the new Indonesian cuisine restaurant will open its doors for visitors in April. The restaurant with the unique name hasn’t opened yet but intrigues many locals. Let’s find out why.

Velyka Vasylkivska Street is surely one of the busiest areas in Kyiv. Filled daily with businessman and hurrying students, it is also home to dozens of restaurants and pubs that are stuffed to the brim during the nighttime. On April 16, the street will officially welcome one more fine dining spot — 17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen.
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The philosophy behind the unusual name reflects the restaurant’s concept: 17 804 is a precise number of Indonesian islands. As each island has its unique culture and cuisine, the new spot in Kyiv will aim at introducing the local connoisseurs to various tastes. The main mission of providing unique taste palette to be delivered by Eko Koesprananto, the main chef of 17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen, an Indonesian native who has worked in various fine dining spots from India to China.
In the case of the restaurant, Social in the name means accessible and affordable: according to the owners, main dishes will cost about UAH 160. As for the menu, those unfamiliar with Indonesian cuisine will have a chance to explore everything firsthand. To name but a few picks, a traditional seasoned and grilled meat Sate, spicy noodle Mie Goreng and a traditional Indonesian salad Gado-Gado will be present on the menu.
Address: 82, Velyka Vasylkivska Street
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