Kanapa: 2015 Best Kyiv Restaurants List

Kanapa: 2015 Best Kyiv Restaurants List

“Kanapa (Sofa) is a dream. This restaurant as a top of mind place. I planned to make Ukrainian gastronomic restaurant based on my own vision just after successful launch of "Barsuk” (Badger), my first restaurant,” says the famous Kyiv restaurateur and brand chef Dima Borisov.

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“I had a dream to create a gastronomic Ukrainian restaurant with bourgeois atmosphere which was in our country before the revolution of 1917. After the revolution the bourgeoisie itself disappeared; Ukrainian food culture was destroyed and turned into a kind of the rural concoction. I wanted to do the opposite – to create modern Ukrainian cuisine in my own understanding. But it's not so easy. Physically, there were no people who could understand and share my vision.

And when that time I said "Ukrainian cuisine" they had a stereotypical association with bacon, dumplings, fried sausages and so on; it was not what I meant. So I decided not to be in a hurry. For three years I have created chef’s team and a concept of the restaurant in collaboration with my friend and well-known musician Oleh Skrypka. His deep knowledge of Ukrainian culture, his jazz&rock&blues compositions and ethnic music helped me to form a picture of the pre-revolutionary Ukrainian restaurant-salon.

This puzzle has been collected for three years. Now the restaurant is 2 years old, and it took for 1-1.5 years to make it top of mind destination, which the travelers, gastronomic tourists and Ukrainians must visit. The first year was not like this. I even was such a “secret client” and asked the concierge service in some 5 stars Kyiv hotels like Hyatt, Intercontinental and Hilton which Ukrainian restaurants I should visit. They advised me famous “Tsarskoye Selo”, “Opanas”, “Pervak”.


 So I specified my questions. I said ok, these restaurants I already know. What is more modern and interesting? And concierge service answered: “Nothing else, sorry.” I said: “But I've heard about “Kanapa” restaurant”. The answers were like this: “Better not to go there, there's some kind of molecular cuisine”. Well now the situation is different. 90% of my guests are foreigners. “Kanapa” was opened in a difficult 2013 year. We supported Maidan revolution and tried to feed first of all those people who needed it while protests. Now we are famous.

People come to “Kanapa” restaurant for a dinner ceremony, with respect for the cultural part of the restaurant - the live music. Meal is served in the form of Michelin tasting set: there are 20 minutes pauses in serving during the performance of the actor, afterwards, the second part of serving starts and it’s the time for communication. After this the scheme repeats. In my opinion this is very nice approach. Cuisine is really delicious, design and atmosphere helps any guest to spend unforgettable time in this restaurant. “Kanapa” now is a top of mind place which should be visited at least once by every foreigner and also by every Ukrainian who come to Kyiv.”

Address: 19, Andriivs'kyi descent, Kyiv, +38 044 425 4548


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