Kids' Friendly Restaurants in Kyiv: Expat Moms' Choice

Kids' Friendly Restaurants in Kyiv: Expat Moms' Choice

Last month, Destinations met with the expat ladies who became mothers in Ukraine to talk about the myths and truths of giving birth in Ukraine. This time, we fast-forward a bit to bring the next hot topic of discussion: what are some of the finest kid-friendly dining spots in Kyiv? Five expat women who have kids of different ages answer the question and give their vision on how to improve the situation.

The moms who gave tips are members of IWCK (International Women's Club of Kyiv) group.
Nina Trifunovic

Vino e Cucina

This is probably the most kid-friendly place in Kyiv, which doesn’t lose its glamorous side. Once the terrace is closed, we go there almost every weekend. There is an amazing children playground with lots of activities. There are also animators, sometimes fully attentive, sometimes less so, so you still have to keep an eye on your kid. They also have a changing pad but if I remember well, you have to ask one of the employees to access it.
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Besides, the menu is adequate: Italian cuisine is generally very kid-friendly. As for cons, it’s certainly a playground fully open to the street. I would suggest making a gate at the entrance so that kids cannot just run out onto the street. We all are careful but sometimes one minute of inattention is enough. I would also make the baby changing facilities easier to use, for example a real changing table.
Address: 82, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street
Phone number: +38 067 823 8282 
This is our second favorite place to go to in Kyiv. It’s a bit far from the center but totally worth the ride. Praha has a nice little playground but it’s also surrounded by beautiful nature so kids can just run freely. What I also like is the proximity to other great kid entertainments in VDNH / Expocenter of Ukraine. So, when lunch is over, you have plenty of choices on spot. However, during winter, it's not really so kid-friendly so we mostly go to Praha when it’s warm. The restaurant could expand their kid-friendliness to winter so that families are more attracted to go there during this season as well.
Address: 1, Akademika Hlushkova Avenue
Phone number: 044 526 9990
Чумацький Шлях / Chumackiy Shliah
It’s a little heaven 20 km from the center of Kyiv. It’s an ideal little getaway for the weekend: you eat outside in little traditional Ukrainian huts. The food is great, many things on the menu are kid-friendly. Moreover, there is a big playground, a mini zoo and plenty of things to do for your little ones. I haven’t found any disadvantages as to this place yet, though I wish it was warm all the year round so we could go there more often!
Address: 10, Sosnova Street, Romankiv village, Kyiv region
Phone number: +38 067 401 2849
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Jennifer Bartlett Conover

Mother of three, a teacher at Kyiv International School
Kitaika is located near the City Circus and is a great family dinner option. They have English-speaking staff, which is definitely a major plus. Coloring pages and high chair have been brought to our table each time, without request. While there isn’t a children’s menu, there are lots of viable options for children. Our kids have enjoyed everything they have tried. Besides they also love going up to the window to see the chefs preparing the food. The bathrooms are small and there is a communal washing station, so I would advise bringing baby wipes with you at any time.
Address: 16, Zolotoustivska Street
Phone number: +38 067 656 1616
Китайский Привет / Privet
Good Chinese food is something we miss eating regularly and this restaurant satiated our palates! We decided to forego the outdoor seating near the street and went inside to the large booth with our family. There were 3 clean bathrooms, perfect for hand-washing and imminent toilet needs. The food came quickly, which is a big plus with hungry children, and it was delicious. I liked that the chicken dishes we ordered (Kung Pao and Sweet and Sour Chicken) were not covered in batter, as most restaurants tend to fry theirs.
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Next time we will order the maggots and have a bug-eating challenge at our table, just for fun! Other families were interspersed in the dining area and seemed equally pleased. You might want to call ahead to reserve the high chair if it is a priority, as they only have one. The restaurant was accommodating to make our food without nuts; they also reassured us that they didn’t use MSG.
Address: 7, Ivana Franka Street
Phone number: +38 095 556 9977
Sona Zemanova
I do not mention very often the famous Vino e Cucina but I think this is the best option for family breakfast, lunch or dinner with their indoor and outdoor kids corners with animators, workshops etc. Baby Bar on Lvivska Ploscha is nice as well. I am a mom of an almost 3-year old daughter, so we do not need changing tables anymore. But then again I’m a fresh mom of the second daughter who is 6 weeks old now, so I will focus on this issue again soon.
Моменти / Moments
Firstly, the menu here has many healthy options suitable for kids. Moments has a big space with animators, many toys, crayons to entertain kids. This actually creates nice opportunities for kids’ parties there. Finally, kids’ chairs are available here. As for the cons, I’d like to point out difficult parking and the location of the kids’ space — it’s placed upstairs so it might cause a problem for parents with strollers.
Address: 13, Khreschatyk Street
Phone number: +38 093 339 1507
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Wolkonsky cafe in the Premier Palace Hotel
To begin with, Wolkonsky has a very nice kids corner with a nanny who looks after the little ones. There is a wide range of desserts and easy, non-complicated meals suitable for children. Parking here is usually not a problem, at least on weekends. The place is a confectionary and full of temptations for the little ones, which might be a dilemma. My daughter even had even eaten their gingerbreads directly from the X-mas tree this winter.
Address: 5, Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard
Phone number: +38 095 271 5101
Баклажан / Baklazhan
Baklazhan, located on Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard, has a big kids room with a nanny, as well as an interesting menu with Caucasian cuisine dishes. The kids’ chair is available here, which is good. However, I’ve had a bad experience with the service: we waited too long for our food to arrive and a cold starter was served as the last dish. Besides, parking can be difficult in this area.
Address: 35, Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard
Phone number: +38 050 438 7387
The modern Georgian dishes served here are quite an interesting pick. Once again, Chichiko is one of those restaurants that have a separate room for kids with a nanny. There are kids’ chairs and funny bibs here as well. As Chichiko is located near Zoloti Vorota, parking can be difficult. Plus, the kids’ corner is cold during winter since it is a corner room with big windows without any isolation.
Address: 23A, Yaroslaviv Val Street
Phone number: +38 068 873 7878
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Forrest Club
This is a hidden gem we randomly discovered during one of our trips out of the city. Forrest Club has excellent food and very professional service. There’s a special menu for kids with very attractive food-styling for kids. Besides, there are lots of healthy options. My daughter could not choose just one meal and refused to give back the kids’ menu to the waiter — we "read" it several times because everything looked delicious.
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The restaurant is located in a beautiful area with a parking lot next to the restaurant. They organize events, parties, cooking classes and other activities for kids. Kids’ chairs are available here, as well as a very nice playground. I can recommend this place for special occasions as a fine dining option with kids.
Address: 20A, Mins'kyi Avenue
Phone number: +38 067 401 3939
Sanja Klinger
Vino e Cucina
This place has plenty of advantages for moms with kids: a kids’ menu (we’ve never tried it as our kid is too small), kids’ chairs and a swaddling room. There is a playground with animators for children — they can make their own pizzas, for instance. Besides, there is also an outdoor playground. Parking is not available here.
Address: 82, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street
Phone: +38 067 823 8282
We also liked Кухня Поллі / Kukhnya Polli: they have a playground for kids, but I don't know about other details. In Gulliver Shopping Center they have excellent swaddling rooms on the floor with the food court. Finally, we often go to Желток / Zheltok, they have baby chairs and a kids’ menu.
Valerie Stulíková
Mother of three, the IWCK President
I am very happy that Café Zelenka has appeared in the center of Kyiv. I think such a place was missing here. If you need a break from your maternity, a few hours to write a document on your computer or meet with your friend with a baby you will find Zelenka as a perfect place. The interior of the café is very welcoming, made in a decent way with taste. The café provides a babysitter for your child, so you can easily work or chat with your friends.
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Staff is very friendly as well, and rooms are equipped with interesting toys. Zelenka serves coffee, tea, and other refreshments. You can also order lunch from the Lebanese restaurant Mon Cher that is located next door. Besides, Zelenka offers an interesting program for parents: different lectures on parenting, workshops or music classes. You can park on Yaroslaviv Val Street.
Address: 11/1, Yaroslaviv Val Street
Phone number: +38 093 379 4141
Хінкальня Гогі / Khinkalnya Gogi
Gogi is a cozy restaurant for family lunch on weekends. It’s better to book your table in advance. Staff is very friendly; they often bring crayons and coloring pages for the kids. A high chair is available for smaller toddlers. As a family we enjoy Georgian cuisine a lot: kids can take something simple like soups or Khachapuri while parents can fully enjoy the delicious Georgian cuisine.
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After lunch, we like to go to the small playground with the elephant and dragon located nearby to digest. You can park on Mala Zhytomyrska Street.
Address: 15A, Mala Zhytomyrska Street
Phone number: +38 093 057 4745
It's truly awesome that Kyiv has so many restaurants and cafes suitable for kids. However, there's still much to be done to make the city and its fine dining spots friendly to everyone no matter their age.
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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