Kyiv New Dining Spots to Visit This Winter

Kyiv New Dining Spots to Visit This Winter

Kyiv’s dining scene is constantly evolving. Ukraine’s capital dwellers are a fast-moving bunch fixated on what's new and is happening around them. As much as guests and locals love long-time establishments and neighborhood standbys they also want to know the hottest and the best new restaurants Kyiv has to offer.

All.True.East Restaurant

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All.true.east is a new concept restaurant in Kyiv downtown, which was opened in December 2016. This place was already featured on «Destnations» and you can read more about its unusual concept and cuisine in our article
All.true.east, the combination of words «all», «true» and «east» is a perfect reflection of the restaurant’s concept. Moreover it is a cute wordplay, as the name of the place is pronounced as French word «altruiste», which also can be referred to the overall ideology of the place.
All.true.east restaurant offers some traditional dishes from Middle Eastern countries like Israel and Lebanon. From what we’ve seen at the numerous reviews left on All.true.east’s Facebook page, guests love their signature hummus and freshly baked breads.
Address: 1, Antonovycha street, Kyiv.
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ZigZag New European Style Restaurant

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ZiZag is a place for people who enjoy fine wine and good jazz, for those who know a thing or two about Ukrainian avant-garde, for travel junkies and art lovers. Here guest can enjoy the unique atmosphere of old Kyiv and hipster European dining scene.
ZigZag’s menu is an interesting combination of international dishes. Foodies will enjoy a great selection of meats cooked with innovative techniques, which guarantee tenderness and authentic taste. Vegetarians are also welcome with a variety of salads and veggie main dishes. Tailoring to a customer’s needs reverts to the same principle of keeping things natural. Read more about ZigZag in our article

Fabbrica Italian Restaurant

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Fabbrica Italian restaurant was opened on January 1st, 2017 and became a welcome addition to Italian dining scene in Kyiv. Initially Fabbrica restaurant was opened in Ivano Frankivsk 2 years ago. In 2014 the restaurant won SALT National Restaurant Award for the best Ukrainian restaurant located outside Kyiv. Fabbrica prides itself to be the only restaurant to use only local products in their dishes. This is a place where guests are offered simple Italian themed dishes on affordable prices. It is a erfect place to have a quick delicious dinner with your friends and family.
Address: 32A, Velyka Vasyl’kivska street, Kyiv.

Magnum 94

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Magnum 94, opened in December 2016, offers a comfortable space for watching a game and enjoying a pint of frosty beer. This pub offers three brands of craft beer, 5 brands of tap beer and craft cider. The menu includes a wide variety of hot and cold beer snacks. This place is a classical sports club with no-fuss service and «dudes watching games» atmosphere.
Address: 36, Saksahanskoho street, Kyiv.

Genatsvale & Khinkali 

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The left bank of Dnipro River has much more modest food scene, comparing to booming Kyiv central district. However new interesting places to dine and wine keep popping up here. Genatsvale & Khinkali quickly became popular family dining spot among left-bank Kyiv dwellers.

The idea behind Genatsvale & Khinkali Restaurant is simply to offer delicious, handmade, traditional, sumptuous dishes, cakes and pastries to guests. Dishes are served with traditional Georgian spirit and hospitality. Genatsvale & Khinkali dishes are usually shared around the table to be savored amongst families and friends. Georgian famous hospitality, warm atmosphere and delicious food make this restaurant one of the best family-friendly dining destinations on the left bank district of Kyiv.
Address: 17, Dragomanova street, Kyiv.
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Restaurants are opening at a dizzying pace in Kyiv. We round up a number of places that have opened this year and are not only great - they are reasonably priced and offer warm and comfortable atmosphere for your ultimate dining experience.

Photo source: Facebook pages of all above mentioned places. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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