Kyiv Perepichka - Food Attraction of Kyiv

Kyiv Perepichka - Food Attraction of Kyiv

Kyiv perepichka is pieces of fried dough enclosing a mouthwatering sausage. The kiosk (3, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street) selling this iconic Kyiv fast-food became a local institution long before the first 'hot dog' hit the town. Perepichka is an essential Kyiv experience.

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Kyiv perepіchka is probably the most famous Kyiv street food. This is the well known Ukrainian hotdog, that became a hallmark of the city long time ago.

Now it sounds like a brand, but the Kyiv perepichka appeared over 30 years ago, in 1981, with the opening of a small kiosk in the center of Kyiv, on Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, a few steps from Khreschatyk and close to Teatralna subway station. Perepichka was wrapped in a piece of unbleached paper and served hot. No one really can explain the reason for success of this very simple local street food.
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Even though the price of perepichka in the course of these 30 years has dramatically increased (it used to cost 22 kopecks), it remains popular to this day and is included in the list of the most iconic places to visit in Kyiv, along with St. Andrew’s descent, and even takes the 43th place in the Tripadvisor rating, ahead of many of the capital’s cafes and restaurants, let alone fast-food outlets.

Perepichka is the perfect thing to eat while out and about and on the go or you can stand at one of the nearby tables to taste it. For many years this place has been attracting very different visitors: business people and students, young and old people.

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Recently, Kyiv perepichka became a social media sensation. The Instagram account that has appeared couple of months ago, dedicated to this iconic Kyiv street food is full of provocative photos as well as double-meaning text content.


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