Kyiv Restaurants with Cozy Inner Yards

Kyiv Restaurants with Cozy Inner Yards

Almost every second fine dining spot in Kyiv offers a summer terrace, often placed on the busy walking street or a large road. Luckily, it’s not the only option to enjoy the meal outside — some restaurants and cafes decided to abandon large street terraces in favor of cozy inner yards that are a real treasure to those who seek.

Matza and Oysters
matza 2

As the name suggests, this restaurant is a haven for lovers of seafood and Israeli cuisine. The oysters from France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Ukraine are served with special sauces and lemons. All ingredients for other dishes, including the famous hummus, are imported from Israel and are of the highest quality. The shtick of the place is unique oyster cocktails - for instance, Mezoyster with mezcal, Sangrita and oysters for UAH 75. Matza and Oysters has quite cozy inner yard to enjoy the seafood with a big company.
Address: 39, Dmytrivska Street
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Squat 17B Yard Cafe
A legendary place in Kyiv, this cafe is the first and only to be located in a squat. The outdoor format makes it possible for the cafe to function only in the warm seasons, that's why the hidden yard in downtown Kyiv is often packed with regular customers. The menu of Squat 17B Yard Cafe is quite simple: various types of coffee, Pu-erh tea, cocoa, milkshakes, and lemonades. There are tips to try lavender coffee as a specialty of the place. As for food, Squat 17B Yard Cafe is known for tasty cheesecakes, muffins and cheese plates. There are many tables to crash at in this cozy and colorful yard.
Address: 17B, Tereschenska Street
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The classic Kyiv cafe is often filled to the brim with companies and travelers, who stay at the popular Dream House Hostel located in the same building. The menu offers various types of snacks, burgers and breakfast options like a true B&B. There are tips to try scrambled eggs with spinach, potato mushrooms and tomatoes, oatmeal with berries, poached eggs with ham, and a popular Ukrainian dish — syrnyky served with berries or chia pudding. Moreover, Druzi has plenty of classic board games like Monopoly, Django, Memory and Alias to enjoy a round in the cozily hidden yard on Andriivskyi Descent.
Address: 2D, Andriivskyi Descent
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Tsypa Taphouse

The hot spot in a bright yard 5 minutes from the Zoloti Vorota metro station has been passed from owner to owner and now is proudly occupied by Tsypa Taphouse bar. The namesake of the bar, Tsypa brewery originally located in Zakarpattia, is the main caterer. There are more than 5 options on tap: 2 types of Ale, several types of Black and Stout and the whole four India Pale Ale flavors from Tsypa. Guests are also offered exclusive Cider on Blueberry and Oak Cider in bottles. Various chicken dishes, such as strips, meatballs, wings fried in different sauces, a whole array of hot-dogs, burgers and salads are just a tad of the bar's menu.
Address: 16A, Yaroslaviv Val Street
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The hidden gem is located on Pushkinska Street in a brisk walk from the Teatralna metro station. Antwerpen is often called a chief representative of Belgian cuisine in Kyiv - here visitors explore traditional dishes that go way beyond waffles and chocolate. To name but a few dishes, Belgian classics like croquettes de crevettes, moules-frites, waterzooi are all available here. Besides, the restaurant serves more than 20 kinds of bottled beer, including the famous Hoegaarden and Blanche de Bruxelles on tap. The restaurant's yard is styled in a traditional Belgian style: greenery on the walls, wooden barrels and pictures on the walls to create a special vibe.
Address: 38A, Pushkinska Street
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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