Kyiv’s Oliva Restaurant Re-Branded and Changed Concept

Kyiv’s Oliva Restaurant Re-Branded and Changed Concept

Oliva was Kyiv’s popular chain of restaurants offering affordable Italian cuisine and authentic atmosphere. However, recently Oliva has changed its name to Fayna Familiya and undergone a major re-branding.

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Now Fayna Familiya restaurants are offering more of a Mediterranean cuisine and not just Italian dishes, as it used to be back in the days of Oliva. Now guests can enjoy delicious tapas, pasta, tartars, fish and seafood soups, stakes, a wide variety of signature sauces and a veggie menu.
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Fayna Familiya means «good family» in Ukrainian. The new concept of the restaurant chain aims at becoming comfortable and cozy family-friendly destination. With the new concept of the restaurant chain fulfilled there will be numerous attractions for children such as Bambini cooking classes, specially designed menu for children with dishes they will simply love and fun zones for playing. The owners have also announced that they are planning to open new restaurants in major Ukrainian cities.

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The interior design has also changed. Now there are many fresh and bright colors as it should be in a conventional Mediterranean tavern. The space is light and airy, swishy booths look very comfortable and a lot of green plants in pots add that fresh vibe to the overall atmosphere.
Photo source: Fayna Familiya Facebook page

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