Lala Tarapakina about the Best Transcarpathian Wineries

Lala Tarapakina about the Best Transcarpathian Wineries

Lala Tarapakina, the founder of "Znaydeno v Ukrayini" (Found in Ukraine) project shares her favorite destinations in Transcarpathian Ukraine to taste the best wine.

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We start our trip with “Grafsky Dvir” (Count Yard) Restaurant complex, founded in 2013 in Mukachevo. It shows that the Transcarpathian cuisine and wineries can attract a lot of tourists. Besides food it is famous for its kraft brewery, which produces three types of real ale: white, amber and black.
All drinks are fundamentally different from tones you can buy in supermarket. Besides beer and ale there are delicious homemade liqueurs, served at the restaurant. If you are here for the first time, you will be prompted to select tasting set of 12 varieties.
36A, Str. Erdelyi, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region
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In Beregovo there is “Staryi Pidval” (Old Cellar) 400 years old winery, which produces only dry wine with natural sweetness of the grapes. There are more than 180 varieties of grapes. The most delicious wines in the opinion of Lala Tarapakina are: Muller Thurgau (2012 harvest) and Traminer (of any year). There is also chacha (traditional Georgian drink) and it is also worth tasting.
37/2, Vinogradna Str, Berehove
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Karl Shosh manor house in Kidesh village of Transcarpathian region is one more place where you can enjoy delicious drinks. Karl Shosh welcomes guests in his winery and holds his tours and tastings since 2006. Before that, he won many competitions, wine festivals, tastings and special courses. During the last decade Karl Shosh received a large number of awards: 15 gold, 27 silver and 32 bronze medals.
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52, Str. Rakotzy, Kidesh village, Berehove district
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“Keltsky Dvir” (Celtic Courtyard), located at the foot of Lovochka mountain between Mukachevo and Uzhgorod, is a very good example of Zakarpattia Winery. There was an ancient Celtic settlement on the hill. Some years ago a journalist bought a land here and found accidentally ancient brick cellar. Experts say that the bricks are 500 years old. Now the owner bakes bread here, produces cheese and hard liquors using Celtic recipes: el, calvados, whiskey, brandy. This is really delicious.
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Tasting cellar offers to try several kinds of fruit liquors and infusions (plum brandy, nutcracker, cherry, plump, etc.), three kinds of homemade ale (Celtic, ginger, corn), homemade cider, as well as several types of vermouth prepared from 30 herbs. Tourists can also taste such exclusive drinks like gin, schnapps, grappa, brandy, orujo, produced here. Pickles and tomatoes, salt beef sandwiches and homemade lard will be served with drinks.
1, Pidlavochna Str., Mukachevo
This is only a small part of the wonderful wineries list in Transcarpathian region. You need to go there to have a chance of tasting and seeing a lot of memorable things.
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